Tube or Röhre ID, Triode, vacuum, Nuvistor and Universal shown. Radio tubes are valves. Find great deals for NOS Vacuum Tube Jan RCA Nuvistor. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The nuvistor is a type of vacuum tube announced by RCA in Most nuvistors are basically – First one released, medium mu triode; – Sharp cutoff tetrode; – triode for low plate voltages; – triode, with plate cap & grid.

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The pins are integral with the internal structure of the valve, and do not have welded connections onto internal leads connecting to the electrodes, as is the case with most previous valve designs. RCA’s special box with the Nuvistor logo on it. nuvistpr

Further triodes, such as the 6CW4 which is probably the most well-known Nuvistor and a tetrode or two followed over the next few years.

One famous application was in the Ampex MR, a costly studio tape recorder whose entire electronics section was based on nuvistors. Making nuvistors requires special equipment, since there is no intubation to pump gases out of the envelope.

I couldn’t find a description of exactly how the metal-ceramic seal was made.

A special case design was nuvkstor for these new valves, nuvitor in small size nivistor very good high frequency performance, which are clearly good news for the RF stages of TV sets, but also have other useful attributes for more onerous applications. Valve Competition to the Nuvistor By the late s high frequency valve technology was well advanced and had already passed the 1GHz operating frequency point.

This solved any obsolescence issue as the was obtainable everywhere, and could easily be replaced if necessary as it was mounted in a socket. I think I can see some examples with squarer shoulders than others, so maybe the single manufacturer theory is incorrect. The tetrode grid number 1 connection is made via the metal shell, giving a solid low inductance connection to the chassis in grounded-grid amplifiers.

Nuvistor Valves in Domestic Radios Nuvistors were also found in some high quality broadcast radios.

7586 NOS Vacuum Tube Jan RCA Nuvistor

In amateur service the EF was mainly used in the transmit, rather than the receive, path of VHF 7568. Companies still make adaptor modules for replacing the VF with a 13CW4. The answer is probably ‘yes’. The use of Nuvistors at this frequency, and in all the stages, seems like an indulgence, but it means that the resulting converter is neat and compact as is illustrated below. Rangers 7, 8 and 9 redesigned from the initial craft and launched in and were unvistor and as they hurtled towards their destiny of crashing into the Moon sent back detailed images from their six cameras, which were extremely useful for planning the Apollo Moon-landing missions.


As it turned out Nuvistor technology was extremely useful, and found many applications for unvistor more years: The standard triode MT4 metal shell case is shaped like an upside-down thimble, but at about 20mm high and 11mm in diameter is somewhat smaller. Nuvistor at The National Valve Museum. Commons category link is on Wikidata. This is a useful resource for viewing many manufacturers’ products: Nuvistor Valves by Stef Niewiadomski.

Here at The Nuvisfor Valve Museum I think it’s easier to get valve data today than ever, because of the heroic actions of people nuvostor have entered manufacturers’ data from scratch, scanned data sheets into pdf and gif format and made them available on the Internet.

I’ve labelled up the pins on the base of a Nuvistor triode, alongside its socket. After some pre-determined period of time these sonobuoys usually self-destruct by sinking themselves, so that they can’t fall into the hands of a potential enemy.

@ The Valve Museum

I may have bent the anode carrier slightly when removing the case. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Nivistor. It’s interesting that nnuvistor Mullard drawings seem to correspond exactly to the internals of the RCA-manufactured valve. Some useful links are at: One explanation is that RCA ‘transferred’ the design and manufacturing technology to Mullard under some mutually beneficial arrangement, as happened with many other valve designs.

This model is still considered to be a classic and is collected by enthusiasts today. RCA Electronics introduces the tube of tomorrow Called the Nuvistor, this thimble-sized tube is likely to start a revolution in electronics.

The tube is made entirely of metal and ceramic.

The device perched on the box is a triode. There’s no escaping the similarity between the word ‘Nuvistor’ and the phrase ‘New Vista’: The result will be tubes that are far smaller, perform more efficiently, use less power, can take more punishment, are more reliable.

All the pins have a diameter of 0. TV designers in RCA moved their chassis to transistors as quickly as it was technically possible and commercially attractive, to take advantage of even greater miniaturisation, and lower costs and power. The small size and rugged construction of the Nuvistor would seem to make it ideal for use in military applications. The history of TW Electronics was published in Practical Wireless for Septemberand a scan of this article can be found here.


It is another example of the way RCA is constantly advancing in electronics. These all-numeric valve codes can be very misleading!

This could explain why the prototype Clansman radio used Nuvistors, but these were designed out for the production version of the radio. This microphone nuvishor highly regarded by artists all over the world, and was used by many top recording artists such as Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, and so on. I would think that the ‘HP’ valve was thus labelled for use in Hewlett-Packard test-gear but was almost certainly not manufactured by H-P itself.

Nuvidtor data for the 6CW4 showing the physical construction and dimensions. List of vacuum tubes List of tube sockets. Consumer 2DS4 – 2v.

The rigidness of the Nuvistor structure makes these valves very resistant to microphony, and hence they don’t nvuistor and sustain uncontrolled acoustic feedback. From the date of this advert, the picture is probably an artist’s impression of a Mercury mission. Unlike in a glass-based valve there is no getter structure, whose function is to eliminate the last traces of any remaining gasses after the nuvkstor has been evacuated and sealed.

In the cold war environment of the late s I think we should assume that RCA’s designers already had military and space uses for these valves in mind, even as they were testing the first prototypes and perfecting the novel production process.

Nuvistor – Wikipedia

These codes are best-case transliterations from the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. Brimar described its 6AM4 introduced in as being ‘for grounded-grid amplifier or mixer use in the frequency range to MHz’. The B9A-based valves tended to have higher heater nuvistir, and therefore dissipated higher power.

In the US Space Program The Ranger series of unmanned spacecraft were launched between andand were the first US attempt to obtain close-up images of the Moon’s surface, in preparation for the manned landings at njvistor end of the decade, as pledged by President Kennedy in

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