Dialogues on the process of awakening shakti towards inner consciousness while performing Yoga. Documents Similar To A Guide to Shaktipat. MaHa Yoga eBook. Uploaded by. Eva Wright. Mystery of Shaktipat. Uploaded by. Shatis Apte. A Guide to Shaktipat Swami Shivom Uploaded by. ionpopescu · Life and Vision of Vedic Seers Satya Prakash Singh Volume 1 Visvamitra. Uploaded by.

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Rivers, mountains, oceans, seas, forests, birds, animals, sun, moon, stars and space are all created by it. As soon as the Muslim gentleman left, the scholar angrily questioned dhaktipat swami and was given this as an asnwer: I have discussed at length the theory of Mantra to bring home the idea of Guru-Tattva the power of Guru.

According to you, what is the significance of the shaktipwt in our system? People would talk amongst themselves and I would simply stare at them. On speaking to him, he gave me a rupee to go to the bazaar and buy whatever I wished. Is everybody fit to receive Shaktipat? More often than not, they are there simply because ti 50 A Guide to Shaktipat the accumulated effects of the past. Questionj If the system of surrender is self-sufficient, do you mean to say that we do not need to continue, Japa repetition of a sacred nameTapa austerities and Puja worship?

Is this awakening possible only through Shaktipat?

My initiation and the science of shaktipat by Swami Shivom Tirth

When this sort of awareness is developed, he also experiences Slmkti taking charge of ail his actions while fo is performing his normal worldly obligations. Where does it come from? It is ehaktipat therefore, that the aspirant allows Shakti to have its full shzktipat When an aspirant finds that a particular Kriya caused a han pier sort of concentration, he starts desiring that this Kriva should repeat in him.


The most common path of aspiration to all,human beings is the practice of Karma Yoga. Back of the Book Kundalini Maha-yoga Shaktipat is a self-proven and self-perfecting spiritual practice. What is the difference between the automatic movements taking place after the awakening of Kundalini and the exercises of other Yoga Practices? After reaching this state, the aspirant lives only for three weeks.

A guide to shaktipat – Shivom Tirth (Swami) – Google Books

Therefore, he should sit quietly and observe objectively whatever may be going on within himself. As long as there are seeds of passion, mental fluctuations will result.

The only advice in this respect is that other systems should be practised by themselves outside of Saclhan. The world will keep appearing and reappearing.

Pawan marked it as to-read Mar 29, Gguide this mean the Guru loses some of his own power?

A Guide to Shaktipat

Japa repetition of holy namespenance, practice of Hatha Yoga, religious studies and discourses all aim at achieving this objective but they require long and constant effort.

These shall be dealt by me in the forthcoming series of books. White as well as black are both the function of the one Shakti. After all, what is the awakened power? What do you think about Sltava Sadhana corpse wor ship? Chaitanya is a state of Chit- Shakti only and is responsible for the creation of the world of names and forms because of vibrations in It.

Is it also related to Bhakti Yoga the path of devotion? I his ascent is described as the awakening of the Kundlalini. Since the physical limits of such a person are extended to the cosmic level, all distances come buide his reach.

It is due to ignorance alone that a human being supposes himself to be away from God. As a matter of fact, we ourselves are never good judges in determining an Ishta for us.


The purer the heart, the faster will be the development.

Only the grace of the Guru and long, long Sadhan can save him from this illusion. The recluse was talking very high of his achievements.

My initiation and the science of shaktipat

This purity guiide conduct is essential for stopping further accumulation of the fruits and seeds of the present actions of the aspirant. It is a fact that the movements of Shakti are quite marked during its passage through these Chakras. Similar residual sjaktipat in human beings is called Kundalini Shakti. He may sometimes seem to be talking about salvation but it is more often than not only an intellectual ideation. Why has this system been designated as SvayamSiddha- Sadhan self-proven system?

The system of Shaktipat which activates inherent Kriya is indeed the most superior among all the methods shaktipah for people in the world. If the movements become active in a public place like a temple, while in the company of holy men, or at collec five prayer, what should a disciple then do?

These four stages are dependent on the efforts of the aspirant. As long as Kundalini is not awakened, automatic practices which represent the internal sacrifice do not replace external sacrifice. In other words, his dependence on God is total. This approach is more practical. Jay Mehta rated it it was amazing Jan 30, Shakti — The Self-proven System 9 singing, laughing, jumping, dancing, trembling, clapping, composing poems, adopting a number of Hatha Yoga postures, Pranayam, Madras pose, posture or gesturehearing internal sounds and seeing internal visions.