Axial piston variable pump. A10VSO series All-purpose medium pressure pump; Size 18 ; Nominal pressure bar; Maximum pressure bar. Axial Piston Variable Pump. A10VSO. Data sheet. Series Sizes 18 to Nominal pressure bar. Maximum pressure bar. Open circuit. Features. Sizes 18 to ▷ Nominal pressure bar. ▷ Maximum pressure bar. ▷ Open circuit. Axial piston variable pump. A10VSO Series RE

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People come here for advice and if we gave the wrong advice then that would be no good at all.

Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members! A10VSO Variable displacement pump power control So what is the point of the 1mm orifice, if it is not there to provide a pressure differential for the flow control?

Variable Displacement Pump A10VSO / A10VO

Nothing to be gained The power limiting is achieved with the pilot relief valve closest to the pump. Can OP post some better pictures please.

It is not uncommon on a press or shears we spend 2 times the rated power of the electric motor for a short time. The point at which the pump flow rate will start to reduce is therefore determined by the setting of the proportional relief valve provided it is set lower than the load pressure.

However the LS compensator is only being used pmup enable the proportional relief valve to adjust the cut-off maximum pressure. Get in Touch with us Makhoz Corporation. It is not directly changing the flow, just the pressure. Get best deals for coconut.


For me two solutions: However, it’s all relative to what the press is doing. Vane Pump in Mumbai. Call Send a quick message. By changing the setting on the proportional relief valve, the pressure drop across the orifice will change and so the pump will change its flow to compensate.

The proportional valve allows you to vary the pressing force electronically of course probably via a PLC or other digital controller. A10VSO Variable displacement pump power control Pmp a load sensing pump and it senses the pressure difference across the, what looks to be, the 6.

That is a relevant question. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.

Piston Pumps in Mumbai. Hey ho, at least some people learnt a little about load sensing. The pump flow will of course reduce when the pump power hits the power limit curve but the pump flow is not directly controlled by the proportional relief. By looking at the schematic, it suggests the pump to be a power control pump i. A10VSO Variable displacement pump power control It’s a power limiting pump with a load sense compensator. You said “It’s an elegant solution, it works and the pump name plate is correct.

The valve will have its own orifice to dampen its action. A10VSO Variable displacement pump power control Bumblyari is quite correct, pum; is a subtle adaptation of a load sensing compensator to give power limiting. It works up to bars and creates a maximum force of Tons.

Variable Displacement Pump A10VSO / A10VO – Makhoz Corporation, Navi Mumbai | ID:

I can only a10vs the principle of operation with information available at this time. Seriously Adrian, when EV3 is closed the pump will be trying to swivel to max as hard a01vso it can. I can’t find a similar option for the A10, the only way using an A10 pumps seems to be this setup with a DRS controller. The same principle is used on this system, there is a small proportional pressure relief valve on the LS line.


The cookie lasts for 30 days. It could be saving a lot to the design. LS systems are indeed brilliant for use in many mobile machine applications where the operator constantly regulates the speed and position of multiple cylinder powered a01vso.

If it’s just a close and push like a coining press the power limit control is not really required.

a10vsl This provides, and keeps the products inside your shopping cart. So what is the point of the 1mm orifice, if it is not there to provide a pressure differential for the flow control?

It can serve two purposes as far as I can see: So in order to fully explain this circuit we need to know what the press is actually pressing. Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different a10vvso by analysts or enterprise software vendors. Depending upon what the press is doing depends what type of control is most suited.

Following are the design and performance advantages of this product. Thanks a lot for he replies. It can only control the pressure on one side of it. Jacc’s got it just about right.

On the machines I am responsible for, we use the main spool as the variable restriction and we have similar pump that responds to the changing pressure differential.