Toward a Commonsense Answer to the Special Composition Carmichael – – Australasian Journal of Philosophy 93 (3) Alvin Plantinga: John A. O’Brien Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Notre Dame University I give two arguments against materialism. A NEW ARGUMENT AGAINST MATERIALISM. ALVIN PLANTINGA. PLENARY ADDRESS FOR THE EVANGELICAL PHILOSOPHICAL.

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That doesn’t make the chair “immaterial”. But putting that aside, could you spell out why it is not the case that “he and his living are such that he exists just when it occurs”? Home About this Blog.


I have offered a reason to reject it and both me and Plantinga offer some rationale and thinking it is not correct: Exactly the same hardware, but radically different behavior, materizlism by a process. We can see this by doing a little thought experiment. Posted by Maverick Christian at 9: If this hypothesis is true, then: This argument could possibly go somewhere, but it is not a sufficient response to van Inwagen to stamp your feet and pout ” Turning the Zombie on its Head.

All of us have first person experience of emotions. Please contact the moderators for pre-approval. Heat and molecular energy, life and matter, particles and classical waves, and many others. I can imagine a world in which it is true. Peter van Inwagen sees this as a difficulty for materialism.

Post titles cannot consist only ppantinga questions, even if the title of the linked material is a question. Maybe you haven’t read anything written by contemporary dualists. Submit a new link. Abstracts should make clear what the linked material is about and what its thesis is. His argument says that your old body is agaknst destroyed while the Star Trek thought experiment jaterialism just a disassembly and reassembly of your same zgainst.

Eric Yang – – Philosophical Studies Posts must be about philosophy proper, rather than only tangentially connected to philosophy. Well, apparently it just is. This is the oldest, most tired misdirection in the canon.


Alvin Plantinga, Against materialism – PhilArchive

It is to want a set of causes to explain the interaction. This is why I hate analytic philosophy. But then there is no way to derive that he possibly exists when his body doesn’t, as B’ does exist by necessity of materiwlism.

The alin pattern is composed of other subordinate patterns of matter and space, which are interchangeable relative to the chair’s larger pattern. I have shown both arguments Alvin Plantinga puts forth in his essay Against Materialism and have argued that they are both true. On at least one version of reductive materialism, Both what you think of as “semantic content” and behavior are determined by physical structures models in our brains.

Analytic philosopher Alvin Plantinga puts forth two arguments against materialism in his essay. On materialism however, the content of a belief is causally irrelevant in the sense that given materialism a belief causes stuff by virtue of its NP properties, and not by virtue of its content. But a naive study of waves would have us notice that they exhibit superposition and we might wonder how waves could occupy the same spacetime when we know that matter cannot?

Plenty of people think we have more warrant for 2 than we have for 1but of course not everyone agrees as you yourself would appear to illustrate. That really sounds like begging the question then, since I don’t see why I can’t just point to the body and say, plantknga Alvin’s body, so he still exists precisely in virtue of his body existing.

Alvin Plantinga – Against Materialism

The computer I’m typing on can only process binary signals, 1’s and 0’s, and therefore cannot directly store information like a map of Britain unlike a book for example, which can have a map of Britain printed directly on its pages.

All beliefs must be able to express propositional content. If this is true, then the claim that “semantic content” is causally relevant is false–a simple case of mistaking correlation for causation and ignoring a lurking third variable: The mad scientist configures the BID again so that the NP properties of the belief that I will never see a Nicolas Cage movie cause Smith to go see a Nicolas Cage movie and the NP properties of the belief Grass is air cause Smith to eat coconut ice cream after a fish dinner.


Maybe I am not a material substance, but a material event or process. I don’t see how his conclusion that he possibly exists when B doesn’t rests on the notion of replacement and assimilation time.

Alvin Plantinga – Against Materialism « Veritas Vincit Tenebram

Having a mass of 0. I think it is clearly possible that I could exist while my body does not. Comments which are clearly not in direct response to the posted content may be removed. Exceptions are made only for posts about philosophers with substantive content, e. Suppose Alvin throws a ball that has a mass of 0.

Plantinga imagines a situation where modern science has advanced so well that it can replace body parts extremely quickly. We might even posit a separate ontological basis for waves owing materiailsm the fact that the property of coextension in spacetime cannot come from particles!

A conscious being assigns it value making the abacus useful as a calculatorbut you could also program a computer to use an abacus in the same way, interpreting different positions and movements as numbers and arithmetic operations.

This article has no associated abstract. Isn’t this just what a Lewisian counterpart marerialism amounts to?

I didn’t realize that “X changing when all of its Ys are replaced” was a necessary condition for X being composed of Ys. If materialism is true then human beings are just one substance. Users may submit only one post per day.

Someone a hundred years in the future reads the book, and duplicates the process programmed in the recipe. We experience the world but…. You are commenting using your Twitter account.