Asas-asas Islam has ratings and 50 reviews. Maududi’s classic treatise on Islam and how it transforms a person’s life. Fully updated in modern Englis. Al-Maududi – Asas-asas Uploaded by Al Aiman. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for. Asas-asas Islam Abu A’la Al-Maududi 3) Hakikat Islam 4) Hakikat Kufur -Semua manusia dilahirkan muslim (sudut fitrah) -Kufur i’tiqad-ingkar.

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But the idea asas-axas the Muslims of the world constitute one Ummah remained intact. Fully updated in modern English.

Allah united the hearts of both Arabs and non- Arabs with the tie of Islam.

Instead of mutual love, it gave birth to divisions among Muslims, weakened their influence and provoked them to hate each other. Ali Khan rated it did not like it Maududl 14, In his work, he frequently refers to the mode of unity of the first generation of Islam.

Maududi tidak menyokong idea penubuhan negara Pakistan sebuah negara Islam yang terpisah daripada India. This weakness kslam resulted into the growth of selfishness and self-promotion. Hence, they were forced to reject their own beliefs and accept the ideas of the Saas-asas Zaman itu ,Maulana Maududi mula menterjemahkan buku berbahasa Arab dan bahasa Inggeris ke bahasa Urdu.

Rockefeller Center,p. In the absence of ideals and higher loyalties20, people are not willing to make any sacrifices, and everyone is interested merely in feathering his own nest or promoting the interests of his family or clan Understanding the Problems and Prospects of the Muslim Unity Muslim and Arab countries for not having azas-asas strategy to tackle the “Palestinian issue” and for regarding it as a national issue only.

Beliau mencadangkan dunia Islam berdikarijihad “berjuang” sehingga berjaya menegakkan negara Islam yang syumul. It demands that a nationalist should differentiate between national and non-national culturally, economically, politically and legally, securing the maximum advantages for his nation1. The same is true in regards to the Muslim unity. Oblivion asas-asass Brotherhood Believers in Islam are considered as a “single brotherhood” and one family.


Yasmin rated it did not like it May 18, Since the colonial period, the colonizers have been perpetually influencing all the affairs of the Ummah, especially the issue of Muslim unity. But the current scenario of the spirit of this relationship is regrettably missing.

Holdings: The lifestyles of Islam :

The Christian Europe threatened this centuries-old center of Muslim power and the symbol of pan-Islamic unity. Daripada Wikipedia, ensiklopedia bebas. Islamic history is replete with instances where a Muslim went out of his country and lived in other Muslim lands for decades. As he claims, one must find out the common grounds that especially bind Muslim countries together and all Muslims in general; and the issue of Muslim unity may remain vague until the Islamic culture is completely conceived of.

Beliau mengerjakan haji dan membuat penyelidikan di Saudi ArabiaJordan termasuk JerusalemSyria dan Mesir antara dan menggesa al Quran diangkat sebagai panduan utama. He was also the founder of Jamaat-e-Islami, the Islamic revivalist party.

Beliau mengemukakan penyelesaian Islam dan Islam ada jawapan bagi setiap permasalahan masyarakat Islam yang dijajah. All undermining plights of Muslims at present constantly remind them of returning back to a sustainable unity which assures safety of their lives, wealth, honor, religion and lands from the voracious grabs of enemies.

Any attempt to set the theory of Muslim unity may not get the practical dimension until the standards of its understanding are laid out.

Abul Ala Maududi

Mahfooz rated it did not like it Jan 26, He analyzes its impacts on the Muslim unity saying that “we have at present two different and conflicting systems of education, both of which suffer from serious drawbacks. Lists with This Book. Karachi, International Islamic Publishers, p.

A Muslim from any part of the world could go to any Muslim islzm without any restrictions, more freely in that country, stay there as long as he wished, engage in any trade, secure the highest government post in that country and get married without any difficulty.


Asas-Asas Islam /

Thus, it severely undermines the greater unity of the Muslims. His utmost emphasis lies on reviving Ummatic polity, strengthening universal spirit, concept of Muslim saas-asas, and a mutual cooperation in every possible aspect of the Muslim world. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Al-Jihad fi al-Islam merupakan karya termasyhur beliau.

Ramiz Qudsi rated it did not like it Jan 19, Esposito, Islam and Politics. Akhirnya menimbulkan rusuhan dan tunjuk perasaan di Pakistan. In other words, it can be said that setting the basics of understanding the unity is a prerequisite for shaping effective theory of Muslim unity. One can argue that regional nationalism like Arab nationalism could be a prelude to a long term commitment to bringing about a pan-Islamic unity10 but in fact, the idea of Muslim unity is wider and more inclusive than any kind of nationalistic unity.

Trivia About Towards Understan But during the period of monarchy this loyalty soon began to weaken, and caused erosion of the Muslim’s loyalty to Islam and the Millat, leading to its ultimate replacement by loyalty to the self, the clan or family.

He was also a political figure in Pakistan and was the first recipient of King Faisal International Award for his services If common problems of the Muslim world are not taken to solve and common interests are not given priority, a sound unity would remain as mere dream. Therefore, Muslim Ummah has been divided into various groups, sects, and camps