E. Cargo: MINIMUM , METRIC TONNES CHARTERER’S OPTION UP TO FULL CHARTER PARTY FORM: ASBATANKVOY CHARTER PARTY. 5. Jan 1, The Asbatankvoy Charterparty (formerly Exxonvoy 69) was produced by Asbatankvoy charter clauses for the commencement of laytime. ASBATANKVOY. TANKER VOYAGE CHARTER PARTY. PREAMBLE. Place. Date. IT IS THIS DAY AGREED between Messrs. chartered owners/ owner.

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All other terms, conditions and exceptions to the Charter Party dated December 31, shall remain unchanged, in full forced and effected. If requested by Charterer, the Vessel to recirculate the cargo prior to discharge. However, Charterer shall charer remain responsible for the fulfillment of this Charter in all its terms and conditions.

Owner warrants that Vessel has the latest calibration tables verified by a reputable independent international surveyor which is not mutilated and the name of vessel inserted in the tables should correspond with name of vessel in Charter Party. Parrty — Neostar Corp. Mediterranean from Western Hemisphere. In the latter event the Owners shall have a lien on the cargo for all such extra expenses. Vessel to be equipped with 2 chain stoppers each tons S.

However, where delay is caused to Vessel getting into berth after giving notice of readiness for any reason over which Charterer has no control, such delay shall not count as used laytime.

In the event of accident, danger, damage or disaster before or after the commencement of the voyage, resulting from any cause whatsoever, whether due to negligence or not, for which, or for the consequence of which, the Owner is not responsible, by statute, contract or otherwise, the cargo shippers, consignees or Owners of the cargo shall contribute with the Owner Its General Average to the payment of any zsbatankvoy, losses or expenses of a General Average nature that may be made of incurred and shall pay salvage and special charges incurred in respect of the cargo.

The applicable Act, ordinance or legislation hereinafter called the asabtankvoy shall be deemed to be incorporated herein and nothing herein contained shall be deemed asurrender by the Owner of any of its rights or immunities or anincrease of any of its responsibilities or liabilities under the Act.

Asbatankvoy Charter Party

Any salvage shall be for the sole benefit of the Owner. Such program prohibits discharge overboard of all oily water, oily ballast or oil in any form of a persistent nature, except under extreme circumstances whereby the safety of the vessel, cargo or life aabatankvoy sea would be imperiled. Laydays for the first voyage: The whole of the time occupied from the time the Vessel is diverted by reason of the ice until her arrival at an ice-free port of loading or discharge, as the case may be, shall be paid for by the Charterer at the demurrage rate stipulated inPart I.

Cost of bunkers to be deductible from freight at Charterer’s option. Method D shall not be loaded from lighters but this clause shall not restrict the Charterer from loading charger topping off Crude Oil from vessels or barges inside or outside the bar at any port or place where bar conditions exist. Time consumed by the vessel in moving from loading or discharge port anchorage to her loading or psrty berth, discharging ballastwater or slops, will not count as used laytime.

The Vessel shall give Head Charterer cable address: Operation to be always weather permitting and subject to Master’s approval. Vessel asbatabkvoy arrive loading port with clean ballast only. If the other party shall not, by notice served upon anofficer of the first moving party within twenty days of the service of such first notice, appoint its arbitrator to arbitrate the dispute or differences specified, then the first moving party shall have the right without further notice to appoint a second arbitrator, who shall be adis-interested person with precisely the same force and effect as if said second arbitrator asbatankvog been appointed by the other party.


Asbatankvoy Charter Party – [DOC Document]

November 3in Korea. If in respect of a port of discharge no orders be received from the Charterers within 48 hours after they or their agents have received asbatankvoyy the Owners a request for the nomination of a substitute port, the Owners shall then be at liberty to discharge the cargo at any safe port which they or the Master may in their or his discretion decide on whether within the range of discharging ports established under the provisions of the Charter Party or not and such discharge shall be deemed to be due fulfillment of the contract or contracts of affreightment so far as cargo so discharged is concerned.

Arab Super Light Clause. If in respect of a port of discharge no orders be received from Charterers within 48 hours after they or their agents have received from the Owners a request for the nomination of a substitute port, the Owners shall then be at liberty to discharge the cargo at anysafe port which they or the Master may in their or his discretion decide on whether within the range of discharging ports established under the provisions of the Charter Party or not and such discharge shall deemed to be due fulfillment of the contract or contracts ofaffreightment so far as cargo so discharged is concerned.

In the event that the two arbitrators fail to appoint a third arbitrator within twenty days of the appointment of the second arbitrator, either arbitrator may apply to a Judge of any court of maritime jurisdiction in the city abovementioned for the appointment of a third arbitrator, and the appointment of such arbitrator by such Judge on such application shall have precisely the same force and effect as if such arbitrator had been appointed by the two arbitrators.

The Charterer has the option to send his own safety supervisor at Charterer’s expense and risk. Should the Vessel arrive s at or off discharge port s as per Charterer’s instructions and tender Notice of Readiness to discharge between 3 hours before sunset and hours next day, laytime to count from hours the next day.

In that event, however, deadfreight shall be paid at the rate specified in Part I hereof on the difference between the intake quantity and the quantity the Vessel would have carried If loaded to her minimum permissible freeboard for the voyage. Under clause 6 of the Asbatankvoy charter form, upon arrival at. Owner warrants that the Vessel is in all respects eligible under applicable conventions, laws and regulations for trading to the ports and places specified in Part I C and D and that she shall have on board for inspection by the appropriate authorities all certificates, records, compliance letters, contingency plans and other documents required for such service, including, but not limited to Certificates of Financial of Responsibility for Oil Pollution.

Charterer, and all the terms whatsoever of the said charter except the rate and payment of freight specified therein apply to and govern the rights of the parties concerned in this shipment. Upon notice being given to the Owner that Oil Pollution Avoidance controls are required, the Owner will instruct theMaster to retain on board the vessel all oily residues from consolidated tank washings, dirty ballast, etc.


If required by Charterer, Vessel after discharging is to clear shore pipe lines of cargo by pumping water through them and time consumed for this purpose shall apply against allowed laytime.

Home Documents Asbatankvoy Charter Party. Idemitsu Safety Clause, as attached, to apply.

Unassociated Document

The current ISPS code security level: Any action or lack of action ssbatankvoy accordance with this provision shall be without prejudice to any rights or obligations of the parties. For and on behalf of. If by reason of or in compliance with any such direction or recommendation the Vessel does not proceed to the port or ports of discharge originally designated or to which she may have been ordered fharter to the terms of the Bills of Lading, the Vessel may proceed to any safe port of discharge which the Master or Owners in his or their discretion may asbatankvvoy on and there discharge the cargo.

The Master shall not be required to sign Bills of Lading for any port which, the Vessel cannot enter, remain at and leave insafety and always afloat nor for any blockaded port. The Charterer shall pay all taxes, dues and other charges on the cargo, including but not limited to Customs overtime on the cargo, Venezuelan Habilitation Tax, C.

For the avoidance of doubt cbarter is agreed that if the vessel is bound to enter an excluded area in order to arrive at the loadport, or if the vessel will have to steam away from the discharge port in order to leave an excluded area then the additional premiums and bonuses payable by Charterers shall include those payable from the time the vessel passes into the excluded area inward bound to the loadport and until the time the vessel passes out of the excluded area outward bound from the discharge port calculated at normal speeds and prudent navigation.

Post on Apr views. Owners shall allow supervisory personnel on board, including sabatankvoy master to assist in the performance of the lighterage operation. In the eventof the cargo being loaded or chxrter at any such other port within the respective partg of loading or discharging ports established under the provisions of the Charter Party, the Charter Party shall be read in respect of freight and all other conditions whatsoever chartfr if the voyage performed asgatankvoy that originally designated.

If it is necessary to retain the residue on board co-mingled with or segregated from the cargo to be loaded, Charterers shall pay for any deadfreight so incurred. Until such time as the arbitrators finally close the hearings either party shall have the right by written notice served on the arbitrators and on an officer of the other party to specify further disputes or differences under this Charter for hearing and determination.

Any additional premiums payable by owner in asbatabkvoy of war risks under their policies of insurance that are incurred by reason of the vessel trading to excluded areas not covered by owner’s basic war risk insurance shall be for Charterer’s account.

Ssyoil Seoul – telex no. The foregoing provisions shall also apply where the owners, operators or those in charge of any ships or objects other than, or in addition to, the colliding ships or object are at fault in respect of a collision or contact.

H Total Laytime in Running Hours: