drasvdrmanualv mpeg4 4ch dvr manual l please read instructions thoroughly manual ebook avtech 4ch mpeg4 dvr manual currently available at . Download Avtech 4ch Mpeg4 Dvr Manual free pdf, Download Avtech 4ch Mpeg4 Dvr Manual. Pdf, Read Online Avtech 4ch Mpeg4 Dvr Manual pdf, Free. For the actual display & operation, please refer to your DVR in hand. A VIDEO PROVIDER LICENSED BY MPEG LA TO PROVIDE MPEG

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When this function is enabled, the recording will be triggered by any motion or external alarm. Security Camera World offers complete security solution for your all surveillance needs. You will see similar screens as the following: Add into address book. The bigger the value is, the higher mahual for motion detection.

To start updating the OSD language, choose the files from the list, and click M;eg4 Language to start the upgrade process. Orange wireThe RJ11 line is not supplied in the sales package. Zone oddly gives no way to do anything to it. Search You can check all the logs here, and select one of them to payback. ButtonFunctionAudio Volume ControlDescriptionTo adjust the volume of the audio channel, press and drag the volume slider.

Your unit will automatically reboot with its firmware updated. The following connection illustration is an example. Please refer to DDNS at page 45 for details. Before enabling the network backup function, make sure the DVR is not in the playback mode, or the DVR will stop playback. The IPS options are as following: Avtech Avc User Manual. Check the lock button on the DVR front panel is switched to the right position.


AVTech Manual English AVC760AS Nubix4ST V0.95

List the information of the manual-recorded files. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Different RJ11 connector may have different line layout, so the connection might be different. To exit the full screen mode, press Esc key on pmeg4 keyboard.

Click to update the available IP address list. General In General and its sub-menus, Log, Account and OnLineUser, you can view and set some common settings, such as the turbo step, make account setting, check the information for all current on-line users, and search the server logs.


However in some cases, it is better to change this port number avhech added flexibility or security. In the Record Setting page, you can set the following items: Video In Video, you can set the video web transmission size and quality, and the frame rate for transmitting. Create an account in DynDNS.

If not, press Cancel to quit the accessing.

Avtech 4 channel dvr software download – Software avtech

Please read instructions thoroughly before operation and retain it for future reference. Because of the different panel layout, please place the vertical panel sticker on the controller for operation convenience. The default setting is We use two different front panel designs on these models.

To use this function, you need to have the upgrade file saved in a compatible USB flash drive, and insert it into the USB port at the front or rear panel.

Confirm the camera is power supplied. Mepg4 file will be shown in the list. You need to be a supervisor to operate this function. You can also create new IP address information, or modify or remove the current IP address information.


Once it is complete, you may select Close Window to close the dialog box. Close the upper cover of the DVR, and fasten all the screws you loosened in Step 1. You can set the record schedule for 3 record types as needed in this time table: SS Spatial Sensitivity, is to set the sensitivity for detecting the size of one object the number of the grids on the screen.

You can also set up multi-detection area. Any event alarm is triggered: The file should have a. Remember me Forgot password?

Your source for cctv digital video security avtech discussion forums. Save the upgrade files at your PC do not change avtch file name and then login to the AP software. Click OK to continue. Click to close all the image display view and disconnect from the connected device s.

Click to go to the detailed record setting. The DVR will save one recorded file once any recording setting is changed. The default title is the channel number. For details, please see Status List at page To upgrade the firmware version of your DVR, click Add to locate and select the firmware file. You will see the backup images while the images are being downloaded to the PC or notebook.

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