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Bitbake Cheat Sheet

The variable TEST by itself has a default value of “default”. Next, for each of the tasks that were returned as possibilities, BitBake executes a setscene version of the task that the possible artifact covers. The ” Executing Tasks ” section has more information on how BitBake chooses which task to execute next.

You should now be able to enter the bitbake command from the command line while working from any directory. Fired for normal tasks that fail. Note Stamp policies are largely obsolete with the introduction of setscene tasks. If two directories are on the same device, only the first directory is monitored.

Once you have cloned BitBake, you should use the latest stable branch for development since the master branch mwnual for BitBake development and might contain less stable changes.

Table of Contents 1. BitBake looks through the build-time and runtime dependencies of the current recipe, looks through the task’s inter-task dependencies, and then adds dependencies for the listed task. The number of branch parameters much match the number of name parameters. Here are two examples that create bitbaks graphs.


Set your working directory to where your local BitBake files are and run the following command:. These operators insert a space between the current value and prepended or appended value. As mentioned, the Git fetcher has its own unpack method that is optimized to work with Git trees.

This name is usually “cvs”. The other currently available parameter is “printdiff”, which causes BitBake to try to establish the closest signature match it can e.

You can configure it using mnual number of different variables:. As an example, suppose you have two versions of a recipe e. Task events run in the actual tasks in question consequently have recipe-specific and task-specific contents. Defines the name of the signature handler BitBake uses. In useg example, the function is defined and then promoted as a task. These tasks are often overridden or extended by other classes added during the project development process.

PE The epoch of the recipe. Specifies the base path used to create recipe stamp files. This variable applies only when using Subversion, Git, Mercurial and Bazaar. So, the append file would match the following recipe names:. BitBake is a program written in the Python language. Defines the mode used for how timestamps of stamp files are compared.

Immediately abort the build when a threshold is broken. Selects the name of the scheduler to use for the scheduling of BitBake tasks. The expression is compared against the full paths to the files. It is often necessary to manuxl variables in the BitBake datastore using Python functions. The variable behaves like mqnual shell PATH environment variable. The following assignments result in A containing “aval” and B evaluating to “preavalpost”. As with all package-controlling variables, you must always use the variable in conjunction with a package name override.


This section describes the available syntax and operators as well as provides examples.

BitBake User Manual

Now that you have supplied the bblayers. Fired when parsing is complete. Removal Override Style Syntax. Typically, you would add a specific bihbake for the build system to attempt before any others by adding something like the following to your configuration: If multiple URIs exist, you can specify the checksums uer directly as in the previous example, or you can name the URLs.

For example, to delete the example task used in the previous sections, you would use: Logging will be handled in a way similar to shell tasks as well.

Contains the command to use when running a shell script in a fakeroot environment. For performance reasons, creating and placing tarballs of the Git repositories is not the default action by BitBake. This expansion causes A2which was birbake to “Y” before the expansion, to become “X”. The default action is to unpack the file.