The Candamaharosana Tantra, chapters I-VIII. A critical edition and English translation. Responsibility: [by] Christopher S. George. Uniform Title: Tantras. Chandamaharosana Tantra. Skt., candamaharosana tantra. Tib., dPal gtum po khro bo chen po’i rgyud kyi rgyal po dpa’bo gcig pa ca. Although the exact. buddha buddhism Candamaharosana goddess lifestyle dezine personal development romance sex Tantra women worship Worship Women.

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The gods are produced from the right side of Anger Vajri’ s stomach and the goddesses from the left. The husband of yellow color is called Yellow Immoveable.

When that is completed, he should present himself before his teacher, and make a circle of food with intoxi- cants, meat, etc. Since our earliest MS, however, is dated A. When the body of a lamp is broken, it still burns.

I, the yogini declare them all to be Candamaharosana. Many things are interwoven on the Tantric path, including the lives of men and women. There are two main ways in which the Tibetan trans- lation has been useful in this study. Having created her, he worshipped her sexual organ; Therefore a woman’s sexuality should be worshipped.

Christopher Starr George Publisher: The Scope of this Study Although the present work is supplemented by a certain amount of explanatory material gathered from other texts in the tradition and from the commentary to the CMT, a detailed interpretation of the CMT is beyond the scope of this dissertation.

The term candamaharoana seems to be used in a technical sense, the meaning of which is unclear. The same remarks regarding language apply to this MS as to MS 0 above.


Candamaharosana tantra: Worship Woman

Increasing the White, etc. And he should eat with his tongue, the white and red of the Lotus. Al- though the orthography is quite careful and pleasing to the eye, its numerous substantive errors reflect its relatively late date.

A B putropi; D pitamahah.

The Candamaharosana Tantra, Chapters I-VIII

The best arch for the door should be made three times the size of the door. I take the forms of all these women Who now live to serve all sentient beings. F H I samsthita; J K sthitan. I have declared this truly, Oh Goddess with a lovely face, regarding this very secret tantra, the Sole Hero, Candamaharosana.

One other non-Sanskrit form should be mentioned and here the variation cannot be explained m. After his fatigue has tantrs, he should desire with pleasure, etc. In that way con- quering the deceitful demon, and attaining the highest Buddhahood, I should be a refuge for all embodied beings, wearied of the world.

Use the objects of czndamaharosana five senses – You will quickly attain supreme Buddhahood. Phat Om, Red Immoveable, accept this flower! I’m an artist, actorchampionship storytellerand I have a real cute kitty named Chance. Please enter recipient e-mail address es.

How should the student be made fit to be enjoined in this tantra, and how is he to be made resolute? These are the Cone, Derge, Peking, and Candaaharosana editions.

You might also like: The Pali Text Society, n. Friend or stranger, she nourishes him with food. La Vallee Poussin, Louis de. Never should the practitioner think in terms of “edible” or “inedible,” “to be done” or “not to be done,” “suitable for love-making” or “not suitable for love-making.

I will not use a high or large bed, nor eat untimely. If you do say it, then the following occurs: Therefore, one who desires Buddhahood should practice what is to be practiced.


These are identified as gokudahanabeing the meat of the cow, dog, elephant, horse, and man. National Archives of Nepal, Kathmandu; Reference: Alight on my reclining form; my mind trembles with desire. Then this verse of the Triple Refuge follows: Back Calendar List of Events Retreats. And through this method, in complete consummation, The practitioner attains total devotion. Snellgrove, 1 for establishing our Sanskrit text. It is also associated with a certain type of black magic practice the practitioners of which are known as tantrikswhich Rationalist International has described as ‘one of the most dangerous and wide spread superstitions in India’.

Likewise one does not obtain from death the title of Enlightenment. Then the candidate should concentrate that he himself has the form of Candamaharosana? Then the candidate must say: O Son, be a slave as well as a father and a lover. Om, Calumny Vajri, accept this flower!

I would like to express again my thanks to Mana Vajra Vajracarya for preparing for me the following Table.

How, my dear, must your form be known by the yogi? Women are heaven; women are dharma truth ; and women are the highest sacrament. For the sake of simplicity, however, we retain the translation, “black. We are clearly dealing here with ritual sexuality, and with worship of the yoni: Even when the yogi gains power, he is not immune to punishment; but he is, however, immune to the fear of punishment.