Tracing the origins of chod (gcod) in the Bon tradition, a dialogic approach The Chod practice according to Buddhist tradition is said to be. Praise. “Alejandro Chaoul provides a scholarly, well-informed, and illuminating introduction to chöd in the Bön tradition, telling us much along the way of other. The dramatic practice of chöd, in which the yogin visualizes giving his or her own sacrificed body to the gods and demons as a way to cut the.

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Machig Labdron is therefore in a dancing posture; her legs symbolize these two aspects.

He advised the king to then invite his student Kamalashila to come to Tibet and quell the troublemakers so that the authentic Dharma would not be distorted. May everything we say be beneficial and good. There are five paths a bodhisattva who has completed Ngondro practices before reaching the highest stage of perfection.

An intellectual understanding, cnod does not suffice to realize emptiness fully, is compared to observing something from a distance and, as a result, creating thw new assumption about what one saw or did not see.

Then it is most beneficial.

Chod Practice in the Bon Tradition

He answered that the intention leaves an extremely good impression in the mind of someone who is hindered from receiving instructions. Thirdly, obstacles can trafition be objects of generosity, and there are many, e. Can an ordinary individual do this? Some of them may wonder why they are being addressed by us and become suspicious or disturbed, scratching their heads, puzzled and wondering whether our intentions are good or not.

The section on making wishing prayers concludes with the prayer that evil be cut away at the root and that the authentic Dharma – that frees from suffering and never misleads anyone — flourishes and ths like the sun that illuminates every corner of the world. Chodpas are more like wandering yogis, generally unconventional, and can be at odds with monastics in style.

In those less fortunate surroundings, one engages in the entire practice without using traditoin drum, trumpet and bell.

The invaluable wish to attain buddhahood, just as buddhas and great bodhisattvas have done in the past and continue doing. Do good and control your mind. I have praactice questions. To clarify this confusion, please debate. When he met the former Buddha of this aeon, 12 he offered what was inside his bowl with deep devotion. The second preliminary practice is seeking refuge in those who are competent and lractice.


Because one is still overwhelmed by delusions and emotions that follow. Secondly, maybe there are no tangible enemies who wish to hurt one; maybe there is nobody around who insults, belittles or disparages one. What is the benefit of chod? It is an exceptional practice. This is why she has a golden body, because gold is ghe valuable and does not change. The purpose of Vajrayana practice pdactice to become practicw of four faults. We diligently engage in practice in order to one day realize just this, the true protector and goal, which is discovering that the own mind is dharmakaya.

We need to know this. Bengal Secretariat Book Depot, p. The closing instructions on chod deal with taking Dharma onto the path. Since one cannot judge, one can simply be generous towards them or appreciate their generosity. The purpose of the practice praactice to increase loving kindness and compassion for all living beings, even if it means losing worst enemies. The buddhas of the three times are those who have worked, those who pracice, and those who will work for the benefit of others.

Seeing becomes more regular, increases and becomes clearer and clearer as one progresses and reaches the fifth path of no more learning, at which point a noble bodhisattva becomes one with the Great Mother. The Father Tantras apparently emphasize Generation Stage practices where visualizations are developed, particularly visualizing oneself as the deity. In the Mahamudra-Ngondro practice, one thinks that, together with all dear friends and family members, one seeks refuge in the images depicted in the refuge tree.

Chod Practice in the Bon Tradition – PDF Free Download

Nobody is happy when problems arise; nobody wishes to be a victim of harmful emotions. You will achieve this. I am very happy to have the opportunity to speak about chod and hope that my introduction will be helpful for all of you who wish to engage in the practice. Disciples who practice chod in the West certainly wish to appease all enemies but often disturb their neighbours while trying, who become madder and madder the more one plays the instruments.


The practice of prajnaparamita belongs to the practice of chod, which is bln the paternal lineage of method is seated at her right side. When did his amazing buddha activity start? Stay in Touch Sign up. His work is an important contribution to our knowledge of these fascinating and attractive modes of spiritual practice.

The third wisdom-eye on her forehead symbolizes her unclouded vision traditiln sees everything. If university students flunk their exams, they are frustrated and feel that their studies were a waste. However, in both traditions the Chod practice is performed in a manner which has more in common with Tantra than Sutra, and in both traditions it is known as a very effective chd powerful practice bringing the practitioner a strong experience of chid generosity as well as liberation from self-grasping, the root of Samsara.

As it is, one makes offerings to a referential object during sadhana practice in order to accumulate merit, and the recipient of offerings in the practice of chod is Machig Labdron, who is imagined to be in space before us. One goes to frightening places in order to directly experience the illusory nature of phenomena. How can we even hope to attain and manifest qualities of awakening if the mind is a solid and static thing?

Of course, a promise is broken when someone breaks their word, but bodhisattva vows pertain to the mind.

Visualizing enemies is only dangerous if one is proud, jealous, angry, greedy — bigger dangers in life. We may traeition that it is therefore impossible for ordinary beings like us to be just as generous as the Buddha was in former lives. That person will one day receive the teachings and attain full awakening. Chod practice in the Bon tradition.

It is not utterly hard or impossible to learn that all outer and inner appearances lack inherent existence, i.

After all, every time a stupa is whitewashed, it becomes just as white as it was before it got dirty.