Jiddu Krishnamurti texts. Choiceless Awareness. What can the average decent man do to put an end to our communal problem?. This choiceless awareness. The Book of Life, October 10, HarperSanFrancisco, Facebook icon Twitter icon. Great seers have always told us to acquire. “Hi Adam, I would like to know what you think on “choiceless awareness”, as has been suggested by Jiddu Krishnamurti, as the only option we.

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Krishnamurti’s ideas on choiceless awareness as described in J. That is, you may say it will take 20 days or 20 years to get rid of conflict, to change what you are; but during that time you are still in conflict, and therefore time does not bring about transformation.


Or is dullness brought about by resistance to work on the one hand, and by the use of work to avoid the impacts of life, on the other? Subscription required using via Pages containing links to subscription-only content Official website not in Wikidata Use dmy dates from August Pages with login required references or sources.

In part 3 we covered using the broader object of other body sensations besides the breath while sitting or in activity. What is happening right now? This is my humble attempt to define choiceless awareness. Therefore the mere cultivation of the mind through more and more knowledge, more and more technique, is not creative.

This regimentation is the result of your own fears, your own hopes, your own frustrations; and since for a human being so caught there is no release, naturally he looks to sex for a release – there he can indulge himself, there he can seek happiness. The very practice indicates that you are in conflict, does it not? He lives in a cage, he lives in isolation with his work.


Greed or violence causes pain, disturbance, in the world of our relationship with another, which is society; and being conscious of this state of disturbance, which we term greed or violence, we say to ourselves, “I will get out of it in time.

Choiceless Awareness

So many impositions have been placed upon the mind, the “me”, so many influences – racial, religious, national, social, environmental – have shaped it, that to follow each step, to analyze each imprint, is extremely difficult; and if we miss one, if we do not analyze properly and miss one step, then the whole process of analysis miscarries. When one loves, one keeps going; and love is not a myth. Or, to behold judging of choiceess without further judgment.

You are interested, say, in finding God, in having peace. Most biographies concentrate on his life rather than on his ideas.

That which chocieless has an end, that which continues knows death. It is the mind, the mechanism of the mind that is always seeking security, always wanting certainty.

Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis. The approach of choiceless awareness to ALL of life is one I heartily agree with and aspire to — hopefully, as you point out, in an ever more sustained way but with gentleness as you have pointed out in another forum: The more sustained awareness there is, the more likely wisdom is to emerge.

Silence and Attention in Education”. Any other action, any ideal or ideological action, is not the actual; it is merely a wish, a fictitious desire to be something other than what awreness. Eastin, Steve 19 February This division, brought about through resistance, creates dullness, because you are using your effort wastefully, wishing you were doing something else.

In Friedman, Melvin J. What is your life, Sirs?

The body tensing ever so slightly as I leaned in and then, an answering of the phone and a just being there for my friend. So, this problem of sex will exist as long as there is no creative release.


I must observe, study him. Marshall, Steve Producer, performer It is like seeing that a person has a red sari or a white coat; but if you give emotional content to the red and the white, saying this is beautiful or that is ugly, then you are repelled or attracted. By Jiddu, Krishnamurti hardcover 1st UK ed. Others find they prefer observing and learning about many different objects of experience to sustain their interest.

Now, if I may say it without being personal, to me it awadeness quite different. You are not the creator.

Choiceless awareness – Wikipedia

So, to understand what is requires a state of mind in which there is no identification or condemnation, which means a mind that is alert and yet passive. Meditation is not only sitting; it chojceless a way of living. I am just stating the facts, because I feel the very understanding of these facts will help man to live more happily. When you are interested in something, fhoiceless mind is quiet.

That is why those people who believe in a myth are very active and enthusiastic.

That is exactly what you are doing when you resist work. In contrast with Krishnamurti’s approach, other articulations commonly include choiceless awareness or related ideas and terms as part, or as the hoped-for result, of specific methodologies and meditation techniques.

Ashtavakra gita [The song of Ashtavakra]. My guess is that some folks come away from it with a good understanding of choiceless awareness, and some mostly understand it through other aspects of the practice.

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