Here is an analysis and summary of Ciaran Carson’s poem ‘Belfast Confetti’, looking at the historical context, poetic form and structure. Belfast Confetti (a poem by Ciaran Carson). Suddenly as the riot squad moved in, it was raining exclamation marks, Nuts, bolts, nails, car keys. Belfast Confetti [Ciaran Carson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Belfast Confetti, Ciaran Carson’s third book of poetry, weaves together in.

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Belfast Confetti By Ciaran Carson

The use of language may have been subverted for the sake of survival, but that does not subvert the language itself. June 19, at 2: This is where the docks are, confeyti parliament sits and where the heart of the city lies.

Localism, nepotism and personal advancement take precedence over public-spiritedness. Thank you cinfetti your very interesting response, Brendano. He eventually went to China.

I think you once said that you packed in being a student at Dublin University. Otherwise, it has had very little effect. A fusillade of question-marks.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Voltaire and Montesquieu were widely read here. Have you seen it?

Poem of the Week: “Belfast Confetti” by Ciaran Carson %%

Thank you for this, and welcome to my blog. He does not see Dylan Thomas as a Welsh writer.

Make promises freely, then forget them. Could you tell us more, please? The reader can feel the horrifying scene just like it is depicted by the poet.


England 0, Algeria 0.

I must see if I can find it. Are you saying in post 45, paragraph 2, that Catholic priests in the nineteenth century used English for liturgy? I suppose that there are grammatical structures carosn expressions which reflect this. Filed under IrelandPoems. I think that the work entertained him on several levels.

Table Mountain rises up behind it dominating the city. But there was no Industrial Revolution in Ireland, although of course Irish muscle was very much part of the Industrial Revolution in Britain. I have only heard a couple of foreign accents. Even though he wishes to leave and even though he knows that he has survived, he is unable to get carsln of his helplessness about being unable to help those who lost their lives in the riot.

Post 42, paragraph 1. A friend of mine once wrote a poem comparing the back view of carsonn to commas.

You then gave a long list of negative thought patterns. June 17, at 9: Heightened imagination has perhaps been the salient characteristic of the Irish mind. The Cape Town Stadium is not far from the Waterfront — a 15 minute walk. But much can be achieved — an empire, for example — by those who take the trouble to organize themselves and plan things out in a dull and stolid manner.

Belfast Confetti (a poem by Ciaran Carson) | The road to God knows where Brendan O’Brien

Hard to find information on this subject, and I am not a Catholic, so sorry for what are surely ignorant questions:. I agree with you on the politics of religion. Perhaps the reader has to have experience and knowledge of Belfast to understand and appreciate the poem — to go beneath the punctuation on the page.


It would have favoured English over Irish and written culture over oral. By reading this poem, one can easily understand the pain that the scene and the riot must have caused to the poet.

I always saw it as a sectarian hellhole. I like it, after all … I do have an Irish mind, and a voice designed for the Irish rather than the English language. June 26, at 5: Ukrainians presumably do not. But that would not have been a deep mine. What is My name? But perhaps the Irish mind tends to distrust intellectualism and rationalism. He was a Methodist, and keen on education and rights for all. Subverting rather than constructing. Brandwood was a miner, and some of his writing describes that world, first-hand.

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the only area where government was not concerned largely with keeping the people down … the north-east … did have an Industrial Revolution of sorts. There is no point in showing up on time, as nobody else will. The state and its laws are to be thwarted or ignored; tax is to be evaded. This one is new to me. June 20, at 5: