Claudio Robazza is an Associate Professor of Methods and didactics of motor activities at the Faculty of Movement Sciences, University of Chieti, Italy. Claudio Robazza, Italian sports psychologist, educator. Member of Sport Psychologists Association. The latest rugby news about Claudio Robazza from ESPN , with statistics, photos and live coverage.

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New articles related to this author’s research. Comparing the IZOF model and the directional perception approach more.

Functional impact of emotions on athletic performance: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Main features of the ICC programme are the identification, control and monitoring of individually optimal and dysfunctional performance states, the recognition of optimal effort intensity, and the correction of habitual errors.


Get my own profile Cited by View all All Since Citations h-index 30 25 iindex 66 The Sit-and-Reach Test was employed to estimate flexibility, while lower limb strength was measured by squat jump and counter-movement jump tests.

Mental preparation strategies of elite modern pentathletes more. Precompetition emotions, bodily symptoms, and task-specific qualities as predictors of performance in high-level karate athletes C Robazza, L Bortoli, Y Hanin Journal of Applied Sport Psychology 16 2, We sought to examine whether the relationship between recovery-stress factors claurio performance would differ at the beginning Stage 1 and the end Final Stage of a multi-stage cycling competition.


From an applied perspective, we believe that the probabilistic approach can help athletes become aware of the subtle variations occurring in their psychophysical states during the preparatory period preceding the shot and not only at the moment of shot release. Cognitive, social, and physiological Do psychobiosocial states mediate the relationship between gobazza motivational climate and individual motivation in youngsters?

Clsudio studies were conducted to develop a profiling procedure to assess eight modalities of performance-related states. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article.

Claudio Robazza | D’Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara –

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Claucio impact of emotions on athletic performance: HRV has become the conventionally accepted term to describe variations of both Monitoring the entire spectrum of psychophysiological and behavioural features related to the different types of performance is important to develop and implement biofeedback and neurofeedback techniques aimed at helping athletes to identify individual zones of optimal functioning and to enhance their performance.

Psychological AssessmentEmotionsand Sports Psychology. The main purposes of the present study were to substantiate the existence of the four types of performance categories i.

Skin conductance level and cardiac activity were recorded.

Human brain mapping 30 11, Psychology of Sport and Exercise 10 2, Measuring Psychobiosocial States in Sport: Jan 16, Publication Name: Psychology of Sport and Exercise 13 5, roazza In this proof of concept study, we explored the conceptual Personality and Individual Differences 47 1, The cardiovascular system is mostly controlled by autonomic regulation through the activity of sympathetic and parasympathetic pathways of the autonomic nervous system.


The purpose was to investigate the relationship between Heart Rate Variability HRV and performance in players of a basketball team during playoffs. Design A longitudinal design was adopted to assess the intervention effects over two years.

A multi-action plan intervention model for Shooters more. Journal of Sport Behavior. Social Behavior and Personality: Two studies were conducted to develop a profiling procedure to assess eight Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness 46 3, Initial Clxudio of a Trait Measure more.

The low association of the PBS-ST scale with other measures suggests that the scale taps unique constructs.

Perceived impact of anger and anxiety on sporting performance in rugby players C Robazza, L Bortoli Psychology of Sport and Exercise 8 6, Journal of Sports Sciences 26 10, Competence, achievement goals, motivational climate, and pleasant psychobiosocial states in youth sport more.

Jan 1, Publication Name: Controlled motivation partially mediated the relationship between an ego-involving climate and the intensity of dysfunctional anger.

We explored implicit coordination mechanisms underlying the conceptual notion of “shared mental models” SMM through physiological i.

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