CA Products: Hi, Let me know where can I get Coolgen materials. Thanks, Thanuja. CA Gen is a Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) application development environment marketed by CA Technologies. Gen was previously known as IEF (Information Engineering Facility), Composer by IEF, Composer, COOL:Gen. I am interested in some training material on Coolgen to start learning from the anybody help me out with any kind of information or.

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InTexas Instruments decided to change their marketing focus for the product.

If a new subset is defined with a Procedure step then it cannot be generated or tested with this type. If a subset is defined of this type, then including a Procedure step enables generating and testing also. The toolset originally supported the information technology engineering methodology developed by Clive FinkelsteinJames Martin and others in the early s.

Most powerful, allows deletion of an object from the model. Only coding can be done Packaging materail generation are not possible. Only allows read of objects.

The toolset is fully integrated – objects identified during analysis carry forward into design without redefinition. Understand how to use workstation reports. The current version is known as CA Gen – version 8 being released in Maywith support for customised web services, and more of the toolset being based around the Eclipse framework.


Understand how to use the build tool including the mayerial file.

Submit comments if you have any questions, or suggestions. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The first version was launched in Keywords – TransferableModifyingReferencing Relationships. Understand how to interpret a data model.

Allows changes to an object. Hence adding a step by step desc below on each topic. Understand regeneration implications of making analysis or cooogen changes. This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat Languages Nederlands Edit links. All information is stored in a repository central encyclopedia. Keywords – Delete, Disassociate, Disallow Action Diagramming Understand the purpose and properties of business systems.

Characteristics cannot be changed. Per requests, this appears to be most helpful page. Retrieved 16 January Materiak used for Cascade generation for the entire model. Similar to Unit test. Understand how to interpret a data model for action diagram logic, including performance and efficiency of different types of READs.

Testing Recognize and solve common logic errors during testing.

Coolgen materials –

Code Generation Understand Construction environmental parameters. Understand and apply data modeling concepts. ByIEF had become a popular tool. But it is claimed that IEF reduces development time and costs by materiql complexity and allowing rapid development of large scale enterprise transaction processing systems. Understand how database commits work in COOL: For the engineering discipline see Information Engineering.

Protection Logic prevents subset users from making conflicting updates and optimizes shared use of a model. Each scoping object type lets user work on different parts of the model. Views Read Edit View history. Processing of choosing the objects from Host Encyclopedia to be brought down to local encyclopedia. Understand Views and their uses. Part of this change included a new name – “Composer”.


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Understand design and construction subset definition including scoping objects, protection and expansion concepts, and the expansion conflict report. Understand RI trigger concepts. IEF became popular among large government departments and public utilities.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Understand view mapping and view matching. As many specific objects of as many scoping object types. Gen and AllFusion Gen. Understand conditional statements and their uses. Mmaterial encyclopedia allows for large team development – controlling access so that multiple developers may not change the same object simultaneously.

Allows use of an object. Retrieved from ” https: Understand external action blocks. Diagnose the causes of common errors found during Construction and Test.

Computer-aided software engineering tools Data management CA Technologies. Associations cannot be added or deleted.