Wizard (Bladesinger) Overview; Creating a Bladesinger; Level 1: Guarded When the bladesinger engages in the true heart of the art, when the sword . Back to Main Page → 4e Homebrew → Classes, Paragon Paths, and Epic. So what spell list does that BladeSinger use? Suggestions from a 4e perspective? . You are no longer playing the D&D you are used to. In 4th edition, the Swordmage was introduced in the Player’s Guide to Faerun as a spiritual successor to the Bladesinger, only with.

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Here’s a skeleton build: A good deflection power. Phoenix Step D Wizard feats mostly rely on class features you d&x or powers you can only use 3 times per day.

This gives it Proficiency with the Performance skill, light armor, and a single one-handed martial melee weapon of the Bladesinger’s choice. It breaks the class mold, but I’d be okay with it because a you spend 2 feats to get it, and b you’re playing a Dwarf Bladesinger, for chrissakes!

Yeah, the Bladesinger as presented is half-assed at best – but it does at least provide a jumping off point – a ‘this is what we think the tradition would look like in 5e’. Immobilizing two monsters at blaedsinger is very good. The lesser version of Fire Shield. High Crit is pretty good. You can prone, slow, or slide at-will so you can force enemies to charge pretty easily.


Rather than making it elven, simply make it so that elves go towards the class. Pseudo-leaderish in that you can give your move action to 4d ally.

You can trade an action point to recover Bladesong instead bkadesinger taking the extra action, which makes this worth considering as it’s bladesonger of the few ways to recover Bladesong more than once per day. Boon Spell You get a new attack spell of 7th-level or lower, and can prepare another spell of any level you can normally prepare but not the same one twice, which sucks.

Striker builds will love this power. But I’ll make a note of it in the build description.

Bladesinger Review

The flavor for the class supports this, again with the obsessive training. You will be very hard to damage. Not only are multiclass feats some of the best feats in the game, but they open up a whole bladesingr world of options. The extra surges are appreciated, but if you really need them, pick another path and take Durable.

Fixing the Bladesinger

All times are GMT Protects allies with off actions. The time now is First off, check out the Arcane INTimidator for a good in-combat use of the skill. Eldritch Strike, which is not only Arcane but also lets you use Constitution as your attack and damage stat. But most options of this “style” seem to have VERY limited spell lists.


If you get an encounter long fly speed from your paragon path or item, you can skip it, but it should end up bladesingeg your spellbook at least. Bladesingers were just early gishes, weren’t they?

An area burst 2 attack that leaves an auto-damaging zone behind. The miss effect is very good, too. Defender 4r the Wild Warden: Leopard is specialised in misinformation and ambush, a perfect match for the concealable shortsword. Even if your DM disagrees on how Ambitious Effort works, the utility and daily powers are both strong, the extra action point, attack bonus on becoming bloodied, and the damage resistance make this a very attractive path.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Death’s Gatekeeper A fun twist on a healic, making your party “unkillable”. And I’m quite sure bladesingerr fantasy tattos don’t have the same problem than real world mundane tattoos do.

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