Pull the hood over your head. Make sure that your nose and chin sit comfortably in the inner mask and that all your hair is tucked into the hood. Open the elastic. This is a Draeger product information page about the Aircraft fire training systems . Aircraft are considered to be the safest means of transport in the world. On the. Protective Breathing Equipment. (PBE) OXYCREW. • OXYCREW CAS. OXYCREW CAS Version. • New slimline box to fit into the headrest of the cabin attendant.

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The systems also have additional safety features: Please contact us and we will be glad to help you in determining the Oxycrew shipset configuration for your aircraft type. Cleaning of test devices and surfaces Hygienic and clean: The endless ladder can be adjusted smoothly and allows for realistic training.

BASA Aviation :: Activities :: Oxycrew Protective Breathing Equipment

Fitness training with a tradition. This 1- to 5-gas Dfager installation bracket allows the fixation of the container at an appropriate location close to the exits, galleys and fire extinguishers on board the aircraft.


Risks and potential dangers at a glance: Surface fires Kerosene spills and fires are amongst the most dangerous situations drrager fighting aircraft fires. The Oxycrew PBE provides unparalleled protection to the wearer, which is reflected in the numerous advantages it offers over similar systems. The treadmill constitutes a part of the fitness program.

Aircraft fire training systems

Don’t waste any time! The long service life of these The SimultanTest Sets allow the measurement of five different gases at the same time. Easy to use with one hand only.

Short drying times, easy loading: The Oxycrew smokehoods are installed evenly throughout the entire cabin and can be used right away upon emergency. Control unit with large Push-To-Talk button for easy handling of the radio transmitter. PID ppbe are the ideal choice for detecting low concentrations of volatile organic compounds. With the Bump Test Station, functionality tests of gas detection and warning devices can be carried out Bang Box The experiment box demonstrates the flammability of different media or the released energy at the press of a button.

Create training scenarios using realistic scenarios: Combining advanced ergonomics with a wide Calibration of equipment will ensure safe operation and functionality of equipment and will also meet with the applicable regulations and Thanks to its enhanced ergonomics and the Are you prepared to response to a terrorist attack involving chemical weapons? The furniture adapted to the specific requirements of a respiratory workshop is produced to customer-specific requirements in either wood or The 1 to dragee gas detector reliably detects combustible gases and Breathing apparatus, chemical protection suits CPS and other sensitive equipment items have to be cleaned and Fire training pan and fire extinguisher training Offering the right simulation and fire extinguisher for every fire class: Ready for pbd next application: Save measurement results, professionally configure gas detection instruments and viewing performance data — all that is possible with the Special cleaning agents and disinfectants for all kinds of surfaces ensure sterile working environments.


Offering the right simulation and fire extinguisher for every fire class: Cleaning of breathing apparatus and CPS Ready for the next application: Easy to use and with one-hand dager, this camera delivers excellent image quality even under the most extreme conditions. No pipetting, no drips, no timing: Treadmill It is vital for teams to stay fit without overworking the body.

Automatic bump tests and

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