EC/ EC 33/ EC/ Data Structures and Object Oriented Programming May/June Question Paper ECE 3rd Semester Regulation. EC – DS – oops QB UNIT – I PRINCIPLES OF OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING Introduction- Computer Notes – Functions & Constructor. Cs Graph Theory and Applications Notes PDF Book. Uploaded Cs Design and Analysis of Algorithms Appasami Lecture Notes EC QP.

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Chapters 16 and 17 Mankiw IX.

Since the programmer cannot actually write any code to manipulate a constant’s value, the compiler cannot generate that code, thus ensuring the constness of the variable. The four main pillars of OOP are encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and abstraction. Ef2202 Expectations and Inflation Inertia g.

This not only reduces code size, it makes maintenance easier since all code is available from a single source rather than duplicated across multiple sources. Natural Rate of Unemployment i.

Interrupting others is not acceptable conduct c. You don’t give any details on what the program should actually do, so it’s up to you to fill in the details. Consequences can be very serious. Short Run Equilibrium f. A p … ure object oriented programming language would not notees this. Templates in C plus plus and object oriented programming? Ef2202 of your aggregate numeric grade, a notess satisfactory score is required on each exam.

The Sticky-Wage Model c. All new material will be presented to fc2202 either during the lectures or in the reading assignments. Functions are the simplest form of template and can be applied to class methods as well as standalone functions.


Who developed the C plus plus object oriented programming language? Objects can be embedded within other objects to produce highly complex object models, such that every object is responsible only for itself. When combined with other improvements over C such as greater type safety, this makes it possible to more easily ec220 highly-complex programs with a high degree of robustness, whilst retaining all the advantages of the C language.

Wall Street Journal 2. Cell phones, beepers, pagers, or any type of signaling device are not permitted in class. With a well-defined class system, it should be impossible for any object to hold invalid data, and therefore impossible to write code that could invalidate the data. Baumol-Tobin Model of Cash Balance f. Final Exam — Information.

Ask questions and visit in my office during my office hours TTh This is impolite and distracting to people around you. Class sessions will consist primarily of lectures and review of problems. I urge you to review university policy and nnotes at: Economic Model Building d. So class attendance is extremely important and active participation in class is strongly encouraged.

I expect each of you to drop-in before too long or too late. Ricardian View of Government Debt g.


Chapter 14 Mankiw VII. Patterns of Unemployment l. Math Introduction to Combinatorics. Who invented the C notrs plus object oriented programming language? Although these are not to be collected and graded, you are expected to do these in a timely manner, as they are integral to the course design.


EC, EC, EC Economics textbook –

Missing class does not waive or extend the deadline for submitting an assignment. If you were to avoid using object oriented programming noyes altogether then you’d effectively be writing C-style code.

Object-oriented programming is nothing more than a programming tool, making it easier to represent and manipulate data in a highly structured manner that is both robust and ex … tensible, whilst reducing code maintenance. Letter grades will be assigned as follows: The Imperfect-Information Model d. Ontes to Macroeconomics a. We do realize that your classes are lengthy and there is limited space in the rest rooms to be used during breaks, but frequent coming and going during the class is discouraged.

It is inconsiderate and distracting. Fewer than 60 percent of the possible points in the class I reserve the right to lower this scale at any time–for example, I may determine that 93 points should be an A.

Chapters 1 Mankiw The Data of Macroeconomics a. There will be three in-class exams two jotes exams and final exam.