Dec 21, Antibes / Sophia Antipolis – Gare Routière Valbonne Sophia Antipolis bus route by Envibus in Nice. Nov 20, Antibes / Sophia Antipolis – Gare Routière Valbonne Sophia Antipolis Via Pin Montard bus route by Envibus in Nice. Relation: Envibus ligne () name, Envibus ligne network, CASA. operator, Envibus. ref, route_master, bus. type, route_master.

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In particular, the proof of liability insurance is requested at the beginning of the internship. What kind of documents should I bring with me to France? It will provide you personal banking services including credit card, chequebook, housing insurance and more. You will obtain the acceptance letter, the scholarship letter if applicable and the residence proof letter if you need our assistance to find the accommodation.

Relation: ‪Envibus ligne ‬ (‪‬) | OpenStreetMap

Housing insurance The housing insurance is required to check in your room at Crous or any other place you have chosen. For each administrative procedure you will need a slightly different documents to be submitted see the specific sections but in general conditions it will be: The Master has an agreement with the CIV student residence. Accepted students, please email to sophie. The letters will be prepared soon, you will receive them as soon as they are prepared by mail and to your postal address.


Please refer to www. As soon as you get final response from OFII to be a legal alien for one year, then you can proceed with applying for this benefit: You can get a 1-year pass card for the Ligne Exp. Tuition Fees The French educational system allows all students to follow their studies with a low cost financial commitment. From Nice you can catch bus 10 also to go to prefecture.

The cost of this program is based on regular French university fees. Bring an unblocked mobile phone to get easily a French phone number, which makes procedures easier and lets you save money. Transcript of records from your bachelor’s degree 8.

More information here or here. Tuition fees are approximately Euros for the whole year and cover course expenses only.

The public transport network of the Communauté d’Agglomération Sophia Antipolis

Note that you are free to choose any other way to get the required insurance and lligne account, but we provide help only with Credit Agricole. To get there catch the bus Envibus to bus stop Castors I. In this circumstance, you will be considered to have arrived in France no later than 5 days after the stamp date. Has network all over Europe ,igne prices are quite fair.

The right way to reach Sophia is going first to Antibes Piscine bus stop through bus number about 30 minutes or by train 20 minutes.


Once these steps have been completed, your passport, stamped with the visa, and also containing written confirmation that all formalities have been successfully completed, you will be permitted to legally reside in France for the period specified by your visa.

To get the diploma degree of master in France and in Europe you should have followed successfully the two years of master.


No brokerage fees and cheap logne. Prescriptions, eyeglasses and dental expenses are subject to different rates. Studies will start with a Welcome Session on September 24th, at Then, or at the same time if applicablestart your visa procedure. Nice bus cg06Antibes bus envibus 1,Cannes bus cg06, Monaco bus cg06Menton bus cg06Grasse busIsola bus envibud What should I know and take before arrival? Please see the bottom of the FAQ.

When will the studies begin? Ihe procedure is described below. Doctors and medical assistance How can a find a doctor? Remember that, depending on the geopolitical situation, in some countries it can be more complicated to get a visa.

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