By Marshall Erwin Rommel Infantry Attacks on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Published August 29th by Greenhill Books (first published ) .. In Infantry Attacks, we get a clear look at Field Marshall Erwin Rommel’s life before his. It certainly is. The hard lessons of war are learned through the blood and death of others. Only fools want to learn these lessons again with their.

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Anyone who had taken a notion to leap out would have landed on our bayonets. The following examples are proof of the tremendous combat powers of the German infantry, even when faced with superior odds in men and equipment; and these sketches are again proof of the superiority of the junior German commander to his enemy counterpart.

Rommep spite of the bok range, our targets remained hidden by the dense foliage and undergrowth. Only part of his head was bok. An officer who had ridden a few hundred yards in the direction of the enemy was fired on from close range.

On August 1,there was much activity in the regimental barracks, the big, old cloister building in Weingarten. Accompanied by a sergeant, I moved through a dense brush to the south edge of the woods where we were forced to take cover because of heavy fire raking the edge of the woods from the right.

Dispatched from the UK in 1 business day When will my order arrive?

Rommel was a great tactician and strategist. Major Bader, sent me on ahead to explore the road to Hill Ahead of us, to the south on the next rise and on the far side of a wide meadow, was Briere farm. Toward evening the enemy raised his volume of fire to a terrific pitch and threw everything he had at us. We wrapped him in his coat and shelter half, gave him some water, and made him as comfortable as possible.

On the other side of the valley, the glasses showed enemy defense positions on Hills and west and northwest of Rembercourt. Night Attack; September ; I fell asleep on my straw couch. The drawings of scenes are taken from rkmmel original and may have been done by Rommel himself. I fired quickly at the head of the column from a standing position. Shells ploughed up the slope and filled the air with dirt and stones. One extra edition of the papers followed the other.


The strongest enemy force was in the building on the far side of the road. Toward noon the 2d Battalion infahtry ordered to advance along the southwest edge of the woods to a point a mile and a quarter west inafntry Pretz and then to attack on the right of the 1st Battalion and take Hill Throughout the book, the decisions he made it combat easily show why he came to be one of the top German generals in WW2.

In the early hours of the morning, several fellow officers and I reported to Colonel Haas who ordered each of us to take a five-man reconnaissance detachment past Barancy and Gorcy in the direction of Cosnes near Longwy to ascertain the enemy dispositions and strength. Now the decision had been made.

This is highly recommended. Train in time of peace to maintain direction at night with the aid of a luminous dial compass. The 2d Battalion was ordered to hold the hill to the east of Defuy Woods without support on either flank.

The rapidity of our advance in this running engagement had caused us to lose contact with the right wing of the 1st battalion. The adjoining regiments the d Grenadier Regiment on the right, and the th Infantry Regiment on the left were to attack at the same time.

Next, the company commander sent out scouting detachments in various directions in order to tatacks the whereabouts of the 12th Infantry Regiment. Then the battalion hurriedly rejoined the regiment and, under a hot sun, marched through Andeville and Remonville to Landres.

Eragments screamed obok the air and chunks of sod and branches dropped on us. The enemy maintained a heavy volume of fire but most of it was wild though we did suffer some injuries from ricochets. It will be necessary to fire the machine gun while on the move in case of chance encounters or while engaged in the assault.

Invantry liaison must be maintained. Infanterie greift an was first published in and helped to persuade Adolf Hitler to give Rommel high command in World War II, although he was not from an old military family or the Prussian aristocracywhich had traditionally dominated the German officer corps.


Infantry Attacks

Nov 14, Amadeus Schwerner rated it liked it. In biok east there was constant friction between Russia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire which was in the final stages of a long decline in power. Command posts must be dispersed.

The shout of German youths eager for battle rang through the ancient, gray cloister buildings. In this memoir Rommel gives detailed information on the battles that he fought in variety of terrains, from trenches to mountains as part of the Wurttemberg Mountain Battalion. So far the platoon had suffered no casualties. Colonel Haas followed his thorough inspection of the field-gray clad regiment with a vigorous talk.

All outposts and pickets dug in.

Infantry Attacks : Erwin Rommel :

The book went through at least eighteen printings bywhen the legendary soldier was forced to commit suicide because of his implication attaks the plot against Hitler. On returning we found the battalion had moved. Under a thin veneer of peace, stresses and strains had developed that would soon rip the existing structure of nations apart. We found no trace of the company.

Infantry Attacks – Wikipedia

This book is not a manual of military instructions. The 5th and 8th Companies were in the front line; the 6th and 7th Companies were echeloned behind the right and left flanks respectively. We divided our fire and dozens of Frenchmen were put out of action by the fire of our three rifles.

The enemy had retreated and the Meuse lay behind us. Maintaining careful erwun of the road, we finally reached a clump of woods five hundred yards west of Cosnes. Had the enemy cleared out again? Eortunately, our casualty rate during the bombardment was only some three percent, much less than we had feared it would be. Infanhry sixteen rifles opened with rapid fire at the enemy.