Palinuro de México has ratings and 50 reviews. Megha said: and I vowed that the book which I would write someday would be as sickly, fragile and. Palinuro of Mexico. Latin American Literature Series. Fernando del Paso. Translated by Elisabeth Plaister. Winner of Mexico’s Premio Novela. ILAN STAVANS: Since in ‘Palinuro of Mexico’ you function not only as the FERNANDO DEL PASO: The novel does suffer from excess—excess in style.

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It is moving, funny, sad, erotic, educating, gross, bawdy, explicit, crude; it is all these and more. Finally, I have been thinking about your job as a librarian, which in many ways, is what you do at Biblioteca Iberoamericana.

Our body is a microcosm and is the only thing we truly own in life: But refusing to open up, the ruling party under the leadership of President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz ordered the army to confront the student uprising with tanks and bullets. Yes, five stars all around for this one. View all 6 comments.


Lack of anything resembling a narrative drive, run-on sentences, walls of text much longer than Ali’s, long paragraphs, prose that often requires concentration, medical terminology and detailed anatomical descriptions, very mexicoo goings on with Palinuro being multiple characters and narrator all at once – this book presents several reasons against reading it. Borges translation of Faulkner ends up turning the text into another on of his own creations. Ostensibly, this is an enormous strutting vulture larded with medical terminology, literary references, nonsensical mexxico monologues that run fernandi up to ten pages sans paragraph breaks.


If only I were not such a literalist perhaps I too could have gone beyond my single pentagram. Charles’s mother, Mariana of Austria, herself a Habsburg, was a niece of his father, Philip.

It’s a solid testament to the richness and power of imagination and the ability of fiction to stretch the reality to that which lies beyond the physical world and the conscious mind.

And that is why Del Paso is a genius. Up until the last chapters of the book, I could get behind that statement. If I were asked what this book is about, I will be able to do no more than babble like a six month old.

This, I guess, comes back to one of your earlier questions: This dep over the top excellent – it mixes tall tale with myth with history with offbeat yet deep pieces of trivia; all of this collages together into a dense encyclopedic feat of literature.

His grammar, the way in which he uses adjectives and adverbs, is outlandish, bizarre.

Palinuro of Mexico – Fernando del Paso

I think I’ll pocket another quote –this one deftly cited by Megha: Oh and one more thing: Having said that, I should say that the secondary characters—Grandfather Francisco, Mama Clementina, Papa Eduardo, Aunt Luisa, the French botanist—are all more clearly defined and cannot be perceived as variations of the same individual.

Published by Alfaguara first published It influenced me in its attitude and openness to other styles. Other times, the book turns puerile and overly macho. The titular character is, at times, both narrator and subject sometimes he narrates about himself in the third person —a medical student in passionate love with his cousin Estefania.


Sep 26, I was tempted, but I chose to keep these worlds separate. The novel had begun as a re creation of my adolescent years, particularly of my high school years in Justo Sierra Street.

Palinuro de México by Fernando del Paso

I assume the critical reaction in these two countries was very different. Palinuro is a medical student, or wants to be, anyhow. Thanks to the money I got from the foundation the book began to take shape.

The novel does suffer from excess—excess in style, excess in references.

Spanish critics were a bit more generous. I wanted to be the sole proprietor of a secret, which I knew I would sooner or later forget.

Forma, fondo y lenguaje. So del Paso gives us the history of medicine, encyclopaedia style. View all 31 comments. Nobody, by the same token, to feel excluded. In its attempt to encompass the world, the mexicco novel, which you champion, cannot but fall short of its totalizing dream. Five stars for the three friends’ trippy adventures.

Much like Doctor Johnson on Burton’s Anatomy, I leaped from bed to clutch this messy beast to my breast and allowed my daimon, my delightful imp to rent and rave, all in a snug enclosure of my own imagination.