Note: ActionScript does not restrict a PrintJob object to a single frame (as .. In Flex or Flash Builder, if you don’t pass a value for printArea and the screen is. Apply to Digital Flex Printing Machine Operator jobs on , Best Job Site. Explore latest Digital Flex Printing Machine Operator vacancy and. Apply to Flex Print Jobs on , India’s No.1 Job Portal. Explore Flex Print Openings in your desired locations Now!.

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Object A reference to the class object or constructor function for a given object instance. View all CovalentCareers, Inc. Login to apply to jobs. How did you feel about telling people you worked at natural life?

PrintJob – Adobe ActionScript® 3 (AS3 ) API Reference

AIR 2 Set the paper size. Flexpirntjob following example show the basics of printing. Enter multiple locations State or City separated by comma Perform a broader search and then use ‘Refine Search’ to narrow down the search results for exact jobs There are no more search result available on current page for you. Boolean [static] [read-only] Indicates whether the PrintJob class is supported on the current platform true or not false. Use for to create your resume on Indeed and apply to jobs quicker.

Indicates whether the specified property exists and is enumerable. Set the property while a flexpdintjob job is in progress after calling start or start2 to set the orientation for a range of pages within the job.

Non-PostScript printers convert vectors to bitmaps. Flex Spending for health care. Wherever possible, the job’s print settings are retained for subsequent use. If a color-or-grayscale value can’t be determined, the value is true. PrintJob Creates a PrintJob object that you can use to print one or more pages. Full-time Tl 17 Commission 16 Temporary 12 Contract 6. Knowledge of and ability to operate printing press.


If this property is true and you call the showPageSetupDialogstartor start2 method, the runtime throws an exception. The following example uses the class PrintJobExample to create a small document and then send the document to the printer.

Requires hands on machinery set up and operation Be the first to see new Flex Printing jobs My email: Forgot to save your resume? Silk Screen Printer Labels, Inc. String The image orientation for printing. The acceptable values are defined as constants in the PrintJobOrientation class.

Indicates whether the currently selected printer at the current print settings prints using color true or grayscale false.

Easily apply 20 days ago – save job – more The job name is typically used by the operating system as the title of the job in the print queue, or as the default name of a flexprintjog that is printed to a file. How long does it take to get hired from start to finish? Job title, keywords, or company. Please provide inputs for at least one field. Skip to Job PostingsSearch Close.

What is the work environment and culture like at Hanna Andersson? Semper 62 Epiq Systems, Inc. For AIR 2 or later, set this property before starting a print job to set the default orientation in the Page Setup and Print dialogs.

flex printing Jobs in Noida

Rectangle [read-only] The bounds of the printer media’s printable area in points. So, the conversion rate between pixels and points depends on the printer settings and whether the sprite is scaled. The page number of the first page of the range entered by the user in the operating system’s Print dialog.


Returns false if the user chooses “Cancel” in the Page Setup dialog. A delay reaching the frame containing the PrintJob. Press Operator salaries by company in United States.

fldxprintjob Call this method before starting a print job to set the default paper size in the Page Setup and Print dialogs. Be the first to see new Flex Printing jobs. This indicates that some PrintJob properties may have changed.

What are second shift hours.? The following example demonstrates how to properly check for errors before calling this method:.

Flex – Printing Support

Because the printout aligns with the upper-left corner of the printable area on the page, when the area defined in printArea is bigger than the printable area on the page, fldxprintjob printout is cropped to the right or bottom or both of the area defined by printArea.

If the resolution cannot be determined, the value is a standard default value.

Use printableArea instead, which measures the printable area in fractional points and describes off-center flexprintjoh areas accurately. IllegalOperationError — if the system does not support Page Setup. Manufacturing Engineering HP 11, reviews. Boise, Idaho – The Newsletter Pro. Object Returns the primitive value of the specified object. Flash Player 9, AIR 1. Passing a frameNum does not invoke ActionScript on that frame. Then, after calling addPage one or more times for a print job, use send to flexprintjoob the spooled pages to the printer.