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GEET Reactor Construction Details

We have now learned that down is the same as South in relationship to using a compass, and therefore North is up. The most crucial quality part constguction on the inner pipe, problems arise from inconsistent wall thickness, out of roundness, thick weld seams, etc on low quality pipe.

At first, most of the tests were accomplished on small internal combustion engines. This involves replacing the three extremal solder points by small soldered coiled lines of wire at the B end of the iron bar.

TeslaTech Resource Center — GEET Fuel Processor Small Engine Construction Plans

The thermal pretreater may be mounted, preferably concentrically, inside the exhaust conduit to be heated by the exhaust gases. The important thing is that the passage for the volatilized alternate fuel through the reaction chamber be such as to cause the reaction to take place to convert the volatilized alternate fuel to the reaction fuel which is satisfactory for operating the engine.

A portion of exhaust 18 is diverted as exhaust 18a and bubbled through the pool feet alternate fuel 60 in the bottom of volatilization chamber We will make a full demonstration of the engine. The derails chamber may be heated to aid in volatilization and in detwils cases may be advantageously heated by thermal energy from the exhaust in the exhaust conduit of the fuel burning equipment.

The most crucial quality part is on the inner pipe, problems arise from inconsistent wall thickness, out of roundness, thick weld seams, etc on low quality pipe.

GEET Reactor Construction Details – – Where technology goes LIVE!

The turbulent mixing of volatilized fuel 66 as it passes through reactor 50 in combination with the thermal energy imparted to it from exhaust 18 along with what is believed to be a catalytic reaction therein initiated by reactor rod 54 produces a pretreated fuel To increase the amount of carbon dioxide dissolved, the pressure should be maximal and the water circulated.


The beauty of this design is that it can be reconfigured in minutes. Many of these alternate fuels reacttor waste rdactor for which disposal is a significant problem. Also note that, due to the recycling, the O 2 molecules may pass several times into the magnetically polarizing cavity.

Then dipping a finger in the exhaust port to get some soot to rub on wide masking tape taped over the ports. The exact length of the Plasma generation chamber needs to be fully adjustable, to compensate for changes in the molecular density or massive expansions of the fuel being used for Plasma.

Similar dimensions have been found satisfactory for use with single cylinder engines such as those having up to geer fifteen horsepower. Therefore, intensifying the vacuum, the speed of molecular breakdown or reaction is magnified, and less heat is required.

It has been found that in most cases the invention works satisfactorily without exhaust gas in the volatilized fuel. When the Plasma field chamber is constructioon short or too long for the density of the fuel being used, it overheats the South end and Chills the North end of the reactor, this also causes the field to consume oxygen, instead of creating it. However, the primary source of thermal energy for the volatilization of alternate fuel 60 is supplied by exhaust 18b as it passes through plenum chamber This technology has the ability to be retrofitted to any internal combustion engine, including any gasoline, diesel, or turbine engine.

Similarly, with other fuel burning equipment, when the reaction chamber is positioned in the exhaust conduit, conventional fuels are supplied to the equipment upon start up and until sufficient thermal energy is supplied to the reaction chamber to produce fuel usable in the equipment from the alternate fuel.


Thus a 10 reaactor engine could make the fuel for a locomotive. For example, in internal combustion engines, particularly in light of the extreme sophistication of many current engines, not only for fuel economy but also for reduction in the emitted pollutants, great care is taken in the selection of the fuel grade particularly as to its quality prior to its introduction into the internal combustion engine.

In another experimental run I was able to operate the internal combustion engine using crude oil as my sole fuel source. However, I should state at this point that when the reaction chamber is heated by exhaust gases from the constfuction, in order to generate sufficient thermal energy necessary to volatilize the alternate fuel in the volatilization chamber, it is necessary to operate the internal combustion engine initially using ordinary gasoline.

The volatilized alternate fuel 60 is shown as volatilized fuel 66 which passes into an dwtails 51 which is the end of reactor tube 52 extending upwardly into volatilization chamber Now we should also explaain that a small unit, such as a 10 hp engine can be used as a “servant” to produce fuel to be used by an un-modified larger engine or furnace, by adapting pumps and only modifiying the air intake only.

The reaction rod has a diameter to leave a concentric space between the reaction rod and inside wall of the reaction tube of about 0.

An additional stabilizing feature within our Plasma unit is the recirculation zone is through and beyond both ends of the magnetic field, thus intensifying and further stabilizing the plasma.

If you would like to share some of your experience with the inventor contact him at info geet.

The savings aren’t that much on a small project like this. Howevera few years agoat a smog certification station in California, this fuel system was demonstrated while being monitored and videotaped.

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