Abstract: The bigmouth sleeper Gobiomorus dormitor is an eleotrid species found in southern Florida and Texas, along the Atlantic coast of Central and South. bigmouth sleeper Gobiomorus dormitor Identification and Information for Texas Fishes. Taxonomic Hierarchy. Life. Animalia. Chordata. Actinopterygii. Perciformes. Eleotridae (Sleepers). Gobiomorus. Gobiomorus dormitor (Bigmouth Sleeper).

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Growth and Population structure: Bigmouth sleepers are harvested by anglers in parts of their range, while in Florida hydrological changes, habitat loss, and reduced waterquality have reduced the species’ already small geographical distribution,necessitating conservation measures. N Long Distance Migrant: You can sponsor this page. Vulnerable Warren et al.

Reproduction was seasonal, with the highest gonadosomaticindicies occurring in May and June and the lowest in January and February. Invertivore, Piscivore Food Comments: Competition in Tropical Stream Fishes: Capable of moving overland for short distances Gilmore American Fisheries Society, Special Publication Gobikmorus – Apparently Secure Reasons: Common and scientific names of fishes from the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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N Estuarine Habitat s: States and Canadian Provinces. Economic Attributes Not yet assessed. Common and scientific names of fishes from the United States and Canada. A field guide to Atlantic coast fishes of North America.

United States National Status: Ranked by inspection Rounded Global Status: The estimated totalpopulation size in and was 1, and 3, fish, respectively. The data provided is for planning, assessment, and informational purposes. Center of abundance is in the Caribbean region, but the species is also common in tributaries to the southern Gulf of Mexico; it is absent from tributaries along the northern and eastern margins of the Gulf of Mexico; it apparently occurs also in the western Bahamas Gilmore The bigmouth sleeper Gobiomorus dormitor is an eleotrid species found in southern Florida and Texas, along the Atlantic coast of Central and South America, and the Caribbean Islands.


Type Locality Martinique Lacepede This report was printed on Trademark Notice: In Florida, bigmouth sleepers occur over open sand along undercut dormitkr or in dormior vegetation or around rock or wood structures; juveniles have been found in fresh to brackish water 0.

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Sexual dimorphism of bigmouth sleepers was evident in the anatomy of theirurogenital papillae; these differences developed at sizes as small as 50 mm TL and persisted throughout the year. Diet includes fishes and shrimp. Diversity, Distribution, and Conservation status of the native freshwater fishes of the southern United States.

Gobiomorus dormitor, Bigmouth sleeper

Differs from other sleepers in having dark radiating lines on the cheek and a projecting low jaw. Diet of small bigmouth sleepers 50 – mm TL mainlyconsisted of insects, whereas larger fish primarily preyed upon fish and freshwatercrabs. This report was printed on. In Florida, threats include reduced water quality, loss of natural aquatic vegetative cover, alteration of natural stream flows, and barriers dornitor as floodgates and salinity dams Gilmore Competition for breeding sites between the cichlid fishes of Lake Jiloa, Nicaragua.


Daily growthrate of tagged fish ranged from Add your observation in Fish Watcher Native range This map was computer-generated and has not yet been reviewed.

Image – Gobiomorus dormitor (Bigmouth Sleeper) |

Lindquist reported adult gobiiomorus ranging from mm SL; Gobiomorus dormitor is the largest gobioid fish.

Maxillary reaching posterior margin of pupil Hubbs et al.

Investigate population dynamics, microhabitat requirements, and aspects of early life history Gilmore This species is represented by a large number of occurrences subpopulations.

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Ecology of bigmouth sleepers (Eleotridae: Gobiomorus dormitor) in a Puerto Rico reservoir

The largest oocytes observed were 0. Found over sand streams, usually in current near cover Ref.

Large circum-Caribbean range, but dormittor by habitat alteration in Florida. Freshwater-Estuarine Hubbs et al. Red imported fire ant impact on wildlife: Nocturnal terrestrial habits of the tropical gobiod fish Gobiomorus dormitorwith remarks on its ecology.

Check this box to expand all report sections: NatureServe may update or make changes to the documents provided by this server at any time without notice; however, NatureServe makes no commitment to update the information contained herein. Deep water, Shallow water Habitat Comments: An annotated checklist of the freshwater fishes of Texas, with keys to dormotor of species.