Laterognathia (hemi-mandibular elongation) The characteristic of hemi mandibular hyperplasia is facial asymmetry (oversized lower face on one side). Hemimandibular hyperplasia (HH) is a developmental asymmetry characterized by three-dimensional enla. Hemimandibular hyperplasia is a developmental asymmetry characterized by three-dimensional enlargement of half of the mandible.6 The hyperplastic side.

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Despite the wide condylectomy, the occlusion was maintained throughout 2 years of close follow-up. The gonial angle was characteristically rounded off, and the mandibular canal was displaced to the lower border of the mandible Fig 1c. Facial hyperllasia – left side Click here to view.

OPG Click here to view. Fig 2a Patient’s preoperative frontal view.

Idiopathic noncondylar hemimandibular hyperplasia. Acquired asymmetries occur as a result of traumas, infections, functional shifts and tumors. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine.

Hemimandibular hyperplasia: classification and treatment algorithm revisited.

A panoramic radiograph revealed a discrepancy in size and morphology between the right and left condyles, enlargement of the right condyle, and elongation of the right ascending ramus, as well as an enlargement of the skeletal base of the right hemimandible in all its dimensions, together with a downward growth.

An early high condylectomy was performed. Computed tomography-1 Click here to view. The facial symmetry is good. Since the first case report of HH in the English literature invarious terminology and classifications were used. However, in young patients we support a “wait and see” approach until the end of facial growth in all cases where condylar growth is not so rapid and the facial aspect is still good.


Hemimandibular hyperplasia treated by early high condylectomy: A case report

The lower jaw presented the following peculiarities: InDelaire explained the hemikandibular of the condyle as a functional rectifier and not the dominant element that controls and directs the growth of the jaw. Hemimandibular hyperplasia treated by early high condylectomy: The latter involves only the condyle, which is radiographically homogeneously enlarged, but the horizontal ramus is not increased in height and the mandibular canal is not displaced.

Hugo Obwegeser et al. No subluxation, TMJ pain, or dysfunction is observed. Fig 2h right Postoperative view of the patient 3 years after surgery.

The most commonly used radionuclide is 99m technetium 99mTCbecause it emits KeV gamma radiation, which is sufficiently penetrating to escape the body in needed quantity, is readily detected, and has a 6-hour half-life.

The dental occlusion showed a Class II division 2 malocclusion deep biteand the dental midline was centered Hemimnadibular 1b. The surrounding anatomic structures were preserved with great care; the disc was intact and well positioned over the newly created right condyle.

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Report of case In Aprila year-old boy was referred to the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, University Hospital of Parma, complaining of temporomandibular joint TMJ discomfort and subluxation of the right condyle for almost 10 months.

All these findings are particularly noticeable in comparison with the unaffected side.


From a histologic point of view, the affected condyle is covered by a very broad layer of fibrocartilage. The hyperplastic side usually involves the condyle, condylar neck, ramus, and body, with the anomaly terminating abruptly at the symphysis.

Obwegeser HL, Luder H. There are two basically different malformations of one side of the mandible which we call hemimandibular hyperplasia and hemimandibular elongation respectively. Hemimandibular hyperplasia is a developmental asymmetry characterized by three-dimensional enlargement of half of the mandible.

Hemimandibular hyperplasia–hemimandibular elongation.

One theory states that an event of a trauma leading to increase in number of repair mechanism and hormones in that area may lead to increase in growth of mandible on that side. The authors present their experience on the basis of this proposed classification and treatment algorithm with functional and aesthetic outcomes as the end points of this study.

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Diagnosis of asymmetry can be done through many different methods. We present a brief review of the literature to make a differentiation between condylar hyperplasia and hemimandibular hyperplasia and to stress the importance of early condylectomy to correct this disease.

Orthopantomograms of HH patients reveal pathognomic findings. The stimulus for the abnormal growth either lies within the hyperplaaia layer or is produced by it.

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