HPg Calculator Tutorial. Description: A set of 33 different lessons spanning 73 pages giving a comprehensive introduction to the 50g. This is a first in a series of RPL programming tutorial with the Hewlett Packard HP 50g Graphics Calculator. RPL stands for the Reverse Polish. HP 50g users guide · HP 50g advanced reference HP Calculator Self-Test Functions · HPg Calculator Tutorial by Merv Newton (retired from Thiel College.

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If you use a decimal point in the place of a comma, check this box by pressing. The final product should look like hp50f In order to view the next six choices in the menu, press. Lower case letters can be accessed by first pressing [LS] before the letter.

HP 50G tutorials

The program variable is deleted. In order to submit a comment to this post, please copy this code and paste it along with your comment: Notice that each box in the soft menu has tutorual corresponding button below it.

All told, the key sequence is or. Otherwise, the calculator will read ” You probably have noticed that parentheses are hard to reach on the HP50g.


Getting Started with the HP 50g

Edward Shore October 28, at 2: Edward Shore September 15, at 5: This is more or less what you would be doing on a TI calculator. This is also entirely subjective; whether you want trigonometric simplification to prefer simplifying to cosine or sine.

Many times, however, the menu is longer than the six boxes displayed. Qa Tools October 22, at 6: How to Name Programs You can name a program almost any name you want. Soft menu vs choose boxes.

Getting Started with the HP 50g | Calcblog

The keystroke sequence is. After a while, you should see the solutions: Most of the programs shown in this series can be programmed on the h50g, 48G, and the 28 series – but please check your manual: You can manipulate the stack either by calling functions, or by entering values. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: If you move from one soft menu to another, pressing previous would bring you to the previous soft menu. When I was using this calculator heavily for a calculus class, I would drain the batteries every week and a half or so.

Once you get used to it, the concept of stack manipulation tutroial come naturally. Doing this on the home screen changes the home menu to In order to view the previous six choices that you just have seen 2press.


RPN essentially works by taking calculations and then breaking them down step by step, giving you full control and a good view of intermediate values.

The first program we are going to do is a simple one: About Me sciencectn View my complete profile. I say “guided” guess and check because the calculator at least knows how far off each guess is and roughly how far to adjust the guesses to get closer to the solution.

HPg Calculator Tutorial

Flags are binary operators that dictates the various modes of the calculator. Bruce Prince September 16, at 6: Now, we have the two values of the two sub equations, and we press the divide key to divide the second level by the first level, and then hit the sine key to take the sine of that.

I’ll go with 1, ttorial, and 1. Your blog code helps a lot to beginners to learn programming from basic to advance level. Up next, local variables.

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