Special Eng multi-comics .. Only Indrajal Comics posts by Members are shared at this blog, please visit to read other posts. Mandrake The Magician. Mandrake Special (Indrajal Comics 45). Only Hindi scans of these RARE IJC # & # are available at present. Reprinted English version. Indrajal Comics began publishing self-titled monthly issues in March Each of the first 10 issues had 16 pages of Phantom comics. The stories had to be.

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No, the experience is not the smoothest — you cannot go frame by frame and the page turns can be erratic. But what the heck, to quote The Carpenters, it is yesterday once more.

Prabhat’s Books and Comics 6 January at Exactly as they used to be. A total of issues of Indrajal Comics were published, ceasing in April of It apparently did start downloading last night then just stopped! One of your demanded comics is coming in few manerake.

Posted by PBC on What’s with this file? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The strip is distributed by King Features Syndicate.


Issues and were never published due to an industrial strike. The Phantom, Mandrake and Co.

Missing Phantom and Mandrake?

Thanks for letting me know, i made a new link. Mandrake began publication on June 11, Please advise what I can do or what you can do thanx.

Thanks a lot for your great work. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Indrajall Books and Comics 15 January at We are delighted to see the Phantom, Mandrake and many of their Indrajal Comics cast back in their original form in the digital world. Sending you by email.

Views Read View source View history. It is easy to tell because the original lettering has been replaced by the mandrakd IJC lettering as was prevalent in the later IJC issues. We would like to stress, however, that you indrajzl them on the Kindle app and not on the Kindle e-book reader, as the e-book reader cannot display colour, which kind of kills the fun of reading these gems. At various times in the comic strip, Mandrake has also demonstrated other powers, including turning invisible, shapeshifting, levitation, and teleportation.


I still can’t understand it myself.

Indrajal Comics – MandrakeWiki

The different language versiones were sometimes released with a different periodicity than the main editions. The Indrajal Comics contain colorized versions of Mandrake stories, edited with expanded, reduced or omitted panels, to fit the format of the comic book. They were hoarded, borrowed, lent and fought over for decades.

Diamond Comics Digest – Mandrake.

Indrajal Comics

Comucs more are coming. Monday, January 05, Privacy policy About MandrakeWiki Disclaimers. And then they disappeared, having entertained millions, giving way to newer heroes.

Colin 9 July at Annual Subscription Rs 26 by post. Ajay has scanned reprinted version posted in this blog on 15th May too. I checked, it was working. Actually is presented first time online through this blog.

And some of the pages seem smudged. Prabhat’s Books commics Comics 8 January at Deb 5 January at Newer Post Older Post Home.