Infinite Intelligence mistakenly names Meher Baba as the author and has numerous other serious problems. Infinite Intelligence has 10 ratings and 0 reviews. As stated in the Foreword by Meherwan Jessawala: This book plumbs the depths of esoteric. One Infinite Intelligence is omnipresent, abiding in and pervading the Universal Infinite False Mind, the individual infinite false minds, and the gross and subtle.

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This akash and pran, which together make up the subtle and gross imagination, are manifested through the thinking, the consciousness, the movement, the vibration.

But the profundity and originality of the treatment here attests to a point of view that is rooted not in convention and intellectual tradition but in the Reality, and to an Authority which goes beyond what the limited human mind is capable of. Macallister Jane rated it it was amazing Aug 27, But unedited, it would remain largely inaccessible to the general public.

As stated in the Foreword by Meherwan Jessawala: When Infinite Intelligence was not thinking, this imagination remained in its original fine, most-finite formless nirakar state. The examples below typify the problems of the redrawn figures. Excerpts from Infinite Intelligence: Down the centuries, philosophers of diverse stripes and backgrounds have trained their sights on this target. Unfortunately, the editors mistook the clarity of the originals for primitiveness, and in replacing them with stylized pastels, they mistook obscurity for sophistication.

Infinite Intelligence – Meher Baba – Google Books

Infinite Intelligence looks and feels like a textbook; the fatiguing Supplement is scripture by pedants. Mark Miller marked it as to-read Aug 22, It is the Universaly existing thought power i.


Figure 15, one of 11 original figures created by the artistic-editorial team, is a cryptogram that containsrather than displays, information.

The editors understand the notebooks.

They radically redraw most of the intelligdnce figures in the original notebooks, according to their understanding and best guesses. In the notes are rediscovered, and some people who are not physicists decide to publish them, because they figure who else but Albert Einstein could have given the lectures the notes are based on? Baba did not put His name on the two notebooks that Infinite Intelligence is based on.

Figure 15 in Infinite Intelligence. Some people believe a man named Feram Dadachanji wrote the notebooks from material Baba provided. There is no evidence that Baba saw them. Infinite Intelligence is intelligene in ISBN and Library of Congress databases; it will sit on shelves in libraries, bookstores, and homes; it will be searched on the web; excerpts will be referenced for years and years to come in countless ways—and always with Meher Baba as the author.

Meher Baba: One Infinite Intelligence Is Omnipresent

The blue squiggles are mysterious. Though the original figures embody profound conceptions and naba been carefully drawn, in their manuscript form they do not stand as finished artistic creations.

Trivia About Infinite Intellig To what extent can one rely upon this present book as an accurate register of what Meher Baba Himself has said? Thus the larger process of waking and falling asleep is accomplished through two smaller cycles of Ishwar and the realizer, the first encompassing the movement from sleep to dream and back again, and the second from dream to wakefulness and back again. Infinite Intelligence is a massive collaborative reworking of those notebooks, which appear to be the work of at least two anonymous note takers, from information Meher Baba provided.


What if they had decided the notes were more compelling?


This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Relevant to the present paragraph, for example, are the Glossary entries on “Universal Infinite False Mind” and “infinite mind. The Supplement includes a brief excerpt to demonstrate why the notebooks needed to be rewritten. Publish without editing the Tiffin Lectures, the Combined Diary, and other literature by mandali. Open Preview See a Problem? Return to Book Page. If Einstein had given a lecture innotes taken by an unknown person would be treated as historical documents.

Assumptions Behind Rewriting the Notebooks The general public cannot understand the notebooks. The reader knows what the shapes mean and how they relate to other aspects of the presentation.

A God-realized person or Sadguru. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Original hand-drawn diagram that became Figure God as Infinite Intelligence. Maryam added it Apr 12, If the manhours and paper stock put into the Supplement had instead been put into publishing the Tiffin Lectures intelliyence the Combined Diary, Baba lovers would already have those works, as well as years of finding their own understanding of the notebooks.

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