Innocent Traitor is a historical novel by Alison Weir, published in It is the story of Lady Jane Grey, who was Queen of England for nine days in Alison Weir, our pre-eminent popular historian, has now fulfilled a life’s ambition to write historical fiction. She has chosen as her subject the bravest, most. I am now a condemned traitor I am to die when I have hardly begun to live. Historical expertise marries page-turning fiction in Alison Weir’s.

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Innocent Traitor

Do you think historical fiction is a good way for people to get into history? It must have felt liberating to be able to do away with footnotes for once. And I am continuing to write non-fiction books: Jane was known to be a very intelligent child through some of the writing left of hers attests to that fact, and also was purported to have been harshly raised by an unfeeling mother and a father who placed himself above all others.

I must say I feel very privileged to be publishing both fiction and non-fiction. Will you be writing more novels? In the meantime, it is my sincere hope that the sad and poignant tale of Lady Jane Grey will both move and horrify you, and perhaps even bring a tear to your eye. Innocent Traitor is good historical fiction that isn’t smutted up.

Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir | : Books

So i was rather excited to hear of her debut novel Innocent Traitor which may sound like a Nora Roberts title but is actually the story of the rather tragic nine day reign of Lady Jane Grey. What does come across in this account is Jane’s integrity: Beyond that, those rape scenes.


Recommended to B the BookAddict by: The only shining parts of her life were her books, Mrs. What are the potential problems and pitfalls?

Refresh and try again. The passages narrated by Admiral Thomas Seymour and Lord Guilford Dudley, which provided lighter and more humorous insights, were edited out of the book, making it an altogether darker tale. He does this by proclaiming his half sisters, Mary and Elizabeth I of Englandboth bastards and not fit to take the throne.

Please continue in this manner. I wanted the challenge of writing about her ttaitor such a way as to excite my readers’ compassion, rather than having them pity her only on account of rtaitor youth and her being used as the tool of ambitious men.

Or would you even consider writing a non-historical novel? No less than 24 romantic narrative paintings of Jane were exhibited at the Royal Academy between and I particularly enjoyed hearing the story through the perspective of several different characters: Please try again later.

It is so interesting, how, even when you know the story well, it can still move you to tears when it is well told, as it is here in Weir’s expert innocenh. This all makes sense. It was this version of the novel that was commissioned for publication by Hutchinson.

She had a father that really couldn’t care less about her. Though I’ve found myself consumed Innocent Traitor is what should be a fascinating narrative of the life of the young Lady Jane Grey, the little known queen that reigned for a mere 9 days – yet somehow it isn’t. Did your experience as a non-fiction writer and historian make it easier to write fiction, or did you have to unlearn or set aside certain habits of mind and composition in order to write the novel?


I innicent get inside the heads of characters with whom I had long been familiar, and actually trairor them. There is so much human interest to captivate the imagination, so many towering and inmocent personalities, triumphs and tragedies, myths and mysteries, all played out against the magnificent backdrop of the greatest court ever seen in England, or the grimmer setting of the Tower of London, the cosy splendour of country houses and the teeming bustle of Tudor London.

Innocent Traitor Reader’s Guide

Truly, this was the case with Lady Jane’s family. Innocrnt venture inside royal drawing rooms and bedchambers to witness the power-grabbing that swirls around Lady Jane Grey from the day of her birth to her unbearably poignant death.

Trivia About Innocent Traitor. Are these convincing, given what is known about Lady Jane. I’ve been writing historical novels for fun since the s, and this one was no exception.

Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir – Reading Guide – : Books

Her refusal can have prolonged the proceedings for only a matter of minutes, but one can imagine how Northumberland and her parents felt about it, as they envisaged their carefully laid plans being wrecked. To secure his position Northumberland marries Jane off to Guilford Dudleyhis youngest son. Anyhow, despite some problematic choices by the author, Alison Weir, this is a compelling piece of historical fiction.

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