A Sadhana for the Solitary Figure of Glorious Kalachakra. ༄༅། །དཔལ་དུས་ཀྱི་ འཁོར་ལོ་དཔའ་བོ་གཅིག་པའི་མངོན་རྟོགས་བཞུགས་སོ། །. By Kunkhyen. Kalachakra Sadhanas. 9. The Uncommon Practice of Kalachakra Sadhana 時輪 金剛不共法儀軌. The Kalachakra Shield Practice Sadhana 時輪金剛盾牌法儀 . Kalacakra Tantra: The Chapter On The Sadhana Together With The This part of the Kalachakra Tantra is particularly difficult to translate.

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In her left ones, she holds a skullcup, a grappling-rope, a kalachskra white lotus, and a gem. This is the first complete English translation of the fourth chapter of the esoteric Buddhist Kalacakratantra text, and its eleventh-century commentary, the Stainless Light Vimalaprabhaoften accorded pride of place as the first volume of the Tibetan Tenjur.

May I complete the stages of the twofold path. Having totally stilled, like this, all mental fabrications, leaving out none, that make the environment and its inhabitants, built up from subtle particles, appear discordantly, I come kalahcakra inseparable voidness as the object and deep awareness as its object-taker as the essential nature of the four gateways to liberation.

No registered users and 5 guests. Through the purification of the energy-winds, there are the ten shakti ladieslike Dhuma and so on, who abide on the wheel of the energy-channels at the lotus of my heart.

Once more from the HUM at my heart light-rays invite here empowering deities. At my throat, on a red sun disc, from a red AH comes a red vajra with 33 spokes.

Kalachakra practice in Sakya – Dharma Wheel

People, not commercial organizations or chains of command, are what make great civilizations work. Your enlightening bodies, as ways of knowing and what are known, possess the same source.

It will probably still take quite a number of years before the entire Kalachakra Tantra aklachakra the Vimalaprabha commentary will be translated, but this translation is a huge step forward.

Joining the Beings for Deep Awareness From a HUM at my heart, then a vajra, arises a Vajravega, with a terrifying body of blue rays of light, standing on a chariot drawn by an eight-limbed griffin. If you over-organize humans, over-legalize them, suppress their urge to greatness – they cannot work and their civilization collapses. For beings tormented by the disease of disturbing emotions, I request you to set flow rounds of Dharma transmission of the nectars of Vajrayana, to heal them into blissful awareness.


Both are red with four faces — red, yellow, white and blue — and have eight arms, in the right hands of which the former is holding a butter-lamp, long necklace, a crown, and a bracelet, and in the left a length of cloth, a belt with a filigree skirt, an earring, and an anklet.

If phenomena are regarded as totally non- existentthis is not correct meditation. I suppose I should point out that the Jonang lineage, Kalacakra specialists certainly, grew out of the Sakya lineage The deities of the Three Vajras teach the Dharma to limited beings needing to be tamed, then return once more and remain before me. From these vajras, rays of light, blazing with vajras, emanate out in the ten directions.

Dharma Wheel

To meditate on phenomena to be like that both kalacgakra existent and non-existent is not correct meditation on the nature of phenomena. Emanation of the Mandala from the Lotus We, as the father and mother principal couple, absorb ourselves in a balanced union.

In the center of the moon come a syllable HUM, like what is marked with a rabbit, as the consciousness of the one sustained on fragrance — individualizing deep awareness — and a black syllable HI as the life-sustaining energy-wind that is the mount of that consciousness and co-arising with it — accomplishing deep awareness.

I bow to you, Kalachakra.

By the sounds of our consummate joy, the Triumphant Ones and their spiritual offspring — the father and mother Thusly Gone Buddhas and so forth emanated before — are invited here before us. On malachakra of it, from RAM, comes a round cylinder of fire, red, with a triangle,ancient miles in breadth and marked with the auspicious swastika sign. It also includes the first critical edition of the Mongolian version of the fourth chapter. Through the purification of the obscurations of the four occasions there are my four Vajras as the four internal ornamental seals of elephant-skin cloak and so on of Vajravega abiding perfectly on top of the moon sadyana my heart as a Holder of the Vajras.

Earth, parted from fire, dissolves into water. I prostrate to you, O glorious Kalachakra. At the crown of my head, to a five-spoked vajra, the principal father and mother and ladies of discriminating awareness pass.

Wind dissolves into consciousness and consciousness dissolves into space.

Dissolution The guests for the torma ritual cake, the supporting mandala and those supported within, dissolve into me. At my heart, on a black Rahu disc, from a black HUM comes a black vajra with 9 spokes.


With a nature of voidness and compassion, you neither take birth in the three planes of existence, nor perish away. The Vajramala is collection of template empowerments, so it is a full empowerment, but less elaborate than the two main traditions of Kalacakra Rwa and Dro. Go Back I Understand.

Beneath that comes a disc of a sun, marked with 80 consonants resting on this sun, in the nature of the 80 exemplary features — equalizing deep awareness. The father and mother Akshobhya couple dissolve into me, while the father and mother Vajradhatu Ishvari couple dissolve into Vishvamata.

Official Website of Khentrul Rinpoché

To my sublime gurus and Buddhas, together with your spiritual offspring, I offer myself in every aspect and request you safeguard me as your attendant and servant, O hallowed objects for oblation.

From it, light-rays emanate out and invite to the expanse of the space before me all Triumphant Ones, with their spiritual offspring, in the aspect of the mandala world of Kalachakra, the Vanquishing Master Surpassing All. Through the lustrous positive force deriving from this, may I never transgress, throughout all my lives, the bounds prescribed by Vajradhara’s authority.

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Kalacakra Tantra Sadhana by Vesna Wallace

These are arrayed on the lotus of my hands. Possessing all classic features such as eaves, beautified with hanging pendants, a parapet and so on, this immeasurably magnificent palace is, on top and bottom, black in the east, red in the south, white in the north, yellow in the west, and blue in the center. The light-rays klaachakra the HUM at my heart invite from its natural abode the mandala of glorious Kalachakra, the Vanquishing Master Surpassing All, so that those within will draw this up through the tube of light of the single-spoked vajra of their tongues and partake of it.