View Karen Danrich’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Karen has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn. View Karen Danrich’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Karen has 4 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on. Product description. Written by Karen Danrich, this book is a guide to assist humanity in remembering to awake and ascend thru the process of ascension.

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Ascension brings forth the communion between the body and soul. Although there is the energy of another involved, one has unconsciously agreed to their energetic presence. The Holographic Record Keepers.

A Stand for Unity. As this occurs, along with the diaphragm and increased size of the belly, the clothing that once fit the form will no longer do so. Most importantly, the body and face of those who are ascending will glow with love and life! Living Truth – Becoming the Creator.

Please know that we love you and support you iaren step of the way. From the Fruit Bearing Trees. Danricn more rapidly one chooses to take responsibility and release the very patterns at cause of any difficult creation, the more rapidly one will learn the lesson they have manifested of the experience to teach and transcend it.

The Chirp of the Geko. The current media in third-dimensional thoughtform is enamored with the thin body. Additionally, as the pituitary produces HGH, the body grows.


This is accomplished as more of the soul is infused in the form, and it is the soul that fills the embodiment and life experience with love. The Shark’s Tooth The truth of the matter is that ascension brings forth the restructuring of the foundation that one has thought their self to be. And so, we wish to take a moment and address each of these myths so that you may do the same within your own thoughtform.

Ascension and Manifestation Learn to balance giving and receiving to manifest your dreams. There is no way to ascend without expanding. The White Fur of a Polar Karsn Channeled information from the nature of the plant and tree kingdoms in support of human evolution. The Return of the White Elephant. From the Pine Trees. Life is about the transcendence of death, otherwise known as ascension. It is in the choice to ascend that the atrocities of the past and the distorted human dance in the present shall be resolved.

Building a Synthesis Altar. Shame causes the opposite to occur. Unpleasant experiences are therefore a sign that one is moving forward in their path of ascension and that they are bringing to consciousness those patterns that are in need of releasing. It is the greatest hope of the plant and tree kingdoms that humans master peace, unity, honor and love in the dance of life. Our channel Mila observed this while out sunbathing and swimming. It is a great myth in the metaphysical community that if one is truly spiritual, their entire life will be perfect and nothing will ever go wrong, ever.


Kaern Crows Dancing in the Wind 7.


The Return of the Winged Lion and Dragon 9. They also have an opportunity to fulfill their soul goal and mission on Earth.

Retaining One’s Health in Ascension. The desire to remain thin or beautiful is an ego-based thoughtform.

An Update On Our Evolution by Chris Thomas

For those who have been overly heavy, ascension may actually bring a reduction and redistribution of the weight over time. The Busy Ants 4. The diaphragm of an ascending human contains many pockets that will inflate with blood when the metabolism of the form is in need of blood sugar. Instead, we ask that each human take responsibility for oneself and choose to ascend, choose to evolve, choose to alter their thought-form and biology.

Myths of the Spiritual Path

The body and soul likewise are danricch equal importance. This makes room for both parties to move in a separate direction that is true to their own unique path and truth. It is the vibration of shame that causes dissension or a dropping in vibration. The question comes down to, do you wish to ascend? Each form is unique.

Painting on Silk by Judith Roderick 1.