le baobab fou [Ken Bugul] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ken Bugul, which in Wolof means: «one who is unwanted», is the Translation of: Le baobab fou () by Marjolijn de Jager and Jeanne M. Garane. In this sense, Ken Bugul’s autobiography, Le baobab fou, a text written in a liminal space in the interstices of memory and imagination, deals with symbolic.

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No African woman had ever been so frank, kfn an autobiography, or written so poignantly, about the intimate details of her life—a distinction that, more than two decades later, still holds true. Aug 10, Binta rated it it was amazing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Among other themes, the work deals with and critiques African colonialism. On the question of The Abandoned Baobab ‘s autobiographical nature, Bugul has said of the novel, as well as of the subsequent Cendres et Braises and Riwan ou Le chemin de sable”All three books mirror the very deep and radical experiences I went through”. This autobiographical work deals with and critiques African colonialism. This is perhaps undeserved, and is a good example of ideologies clashing, as the criticism is the result of American feminists attempting to hold Bugul up to the standards of Western feminism, which is worlds away from bapbab Senegalese experience.

And I remembered that Catholics believe they are eating the body of christ exchanging horror for horror with god and the firm thighs are perhaps meant to remind of appetites lavishly denied, self-denial as a kind of muddy pool at the base of being where we can wallow in piety and voluptuous hunger.

Sep 17, Lapetitem rated it liked it. Ultimately, Ken Butul strategic prehistory narrative constitutes the basis of Ken Bogul’s distinctive voice, which I define.

As Ken’s story in Belgium ploughs onward in fragments to a crisis, pausing in the remembered village to draw breath whenever it needs to, friends also give rest and breath.


I still don’t think it’s a book I would recommend to others, but I can at least respect the discussion it evokes. For me, she did very little in the narrative form to help me really understand and connect ls her. This is perhaps undeserved, and is a good example of ideologies clashing, as the criticism is the result of American feminists attempting to hold Bugul up to the standards of American feminism, which is worlds away from her Senegalese experience.

Martha rated it really liked it Jun 12, The overall narrative structure of the novel was very off-putting; the speaker felt quite distanced from her audience. Vero Jordan-Sardi rated it really liked it May 31, Bugul only alludes to them poetically, as when she remembers learning the letter ‘i’ in the French school she attended in Senegal. Books by Baoab Bugul. Interesting content, and I loved Bugul’s perspective of the artists and liberals in Belgium who were only interested in knowing her as an Other, someone beautiful and exotic that they could brag about knowing.

I couldn’t read more than a few pages– the language was terrible: Contact Contact Us Help.

Le Baobab Fou

Matt rated it really liked it Apr 28, Quotes from Le Baobab Fou. Bugul’s literary reputation has varied lr place to baonab. Laura Fuentes rated it really liked it Dec 06, But for the anchoring tree the place would vanish entirely into the desert, into an eternity where change flickers over land, hot and cold, day and night, stillness and wind.

At first I wasn’t a huge fan of this book, but about half way through it started to win me over. Contrast again, between a child playing under the Baobab, experiencing the world as, it seems, a synaesthesia of sound, heat and dance, and a woman in a European city living like Naobab in malaise, searching for lost wholeness, for satisfaction and purpose, in people and drugs and art and days. Mar 19 55 Apr 10, Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus.


In the city time and the narrative snagged on it roll onward like the conveyor belt of a machine, like the tread of a tank, while when Bugul’s consciousness baobag to the village, she could be anywhere in her history or in the time of generations before. Bugul was raised in a polygamous environment, born to a father who was an year-old marabout.

Ken Bugul – Wikipedia

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Bugul’s literary reputation has varied from place to place. I have a gaobab writing on this book. She makes friends easily and take pleasure in them, as well as lovers. But I enjoyed the book. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Le Baobab Fou by Ken Bugul

Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. While I can appreciate the importance of this book, I found it rather tedious to read perhaps it would have been better in the original French, but I only had it in Englishand never made it all the way to the end. No African woman had ever been so frank, in an autobiography, or w The subject of intense admiration—and not a little shock, when it was first published— The Abandoned Baobab has consistently captivated readers ever since.

After his death, she returned to the big city. She is racialised and exotified, she collapses into despair many times, but her lively spirit always blazes up undimmed.