Taken from the book of the same title by DOM LORENZO SCUPOLI The Spiritual Combat is known as one of the greatest classics in ascetic theology, along. The Spiritual Combat. Dom Lorenzo Scupoli. Translated by. William Lester and Robert Paul Mohan. by Newman Bookshop, New York, US. This work is. Spiritual. Spiritual Combat. By Dom Lorenzo Scupoli . Gagliardi, but most critics however consider Fr. Lawrence Scupoli as the author of this famous treatise.

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Lorenzo Scupoli – Wikipedia

This boo A wonderfully thorough, practical guide to the spiritual life, focusing primarily on orienting oneself towards God and the cultivation of virtue and the avoidance of viceand on combzt the tactics of the enemy to make us fall.

This book was his spiritual handbook, and with an endorsement like that, who can argue that this book is a classic? Lewinna rated it it was amazing Feb 13, And even though it was written years ago, it’s relevance today is still amazing. Augustine, and the thought of St.

This work thf lesser known that Thomas a Kempis’ Imitation of Christ, but in my eyes it is its equal in terms of quality, and perhaps its slight superior in terms of applicability for most non-monastic Christians.

Consider this—if the fury of your enemies is great, and their numbers overwhelming, the love which God holds for you is infinitely greater. Oct 05, Adam rated it it was amazing Shelves: The important thing is not to rely on our own good works or virtues, rather it is to rely on God with the same vigor that a baby relies on its parents for its basic needs.


Just as a soldier carries a book of tactics which shows him how to engage the tye in any given circumstance, so this book gives the Catholic practical advice about how to pray, how to practice the virtues, and how to avoid evil in one’s life.

In doing this, even the greatest sinner can reach the heights of sanctity.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. What is bad originates from the human who rebels against God. When you read it, do as St. It emphasizes also the boundless goodness of God, which is the cause of all good. Great book about progressing in the spiritual life.

Apr 11, Ryan rated it it was amazing. I compared most of the available translations in English and concluded that TAN did an admirable job of being faithful while also breaking up some of these sentences and phrases in a manner that makes for much better reading.

The Spiritual Combat

He was arrested for a year and deprived of the priestly faculties. Books by Lorenzo Scupoli. My sister and I did this as a weekly book study, reading and reflecting fombat one or more chapters at a time.

Early in his life, St. The one who does not do this loses, and suffers in Hell; the one who does it, trusting not in his own, but God’s power, triumphs and is happy in Heaven. Charlie Burnham rated it really liked it Jan 10, It emphasizes also the boundless goodness of God, which is the cause of all good.

Lorenzo Scupoli

Highly recommend for advancing spiritual life. Therefore, beloved, I advise and entreat you to cherish a love for that which is painful and difficult, for such things will bring you victory over self—on this all depends. Great book aimed at fighting the vices in ones life! I’m not sure how it reads in Italian, but Scupoli as he is often rendered into English has a lot of long, winding sentences with lots of prepositional and parenthetical phrases that can sometimes make his meaning hard to follow.


The author was a genius, the kind that can only be inspired by the grace of God and his book is a Catholic treasure and one of the greatest gifts God could have given any age, but most especially this benighted age which has lost its appreciation for the kind of simplicity necessary for sanctity. I have dog-eared, underlined, written notes, and prayed with this book ever since coming into full communion with the Catholic church. Scupoli in Padua spkritual. Trivia About The Spiritual Combat.

Feb 08, Lisa rated it it was amazing.

The Spiritual Combat by Lorenzo Scupoli

S rated it it was amazing Mar 03, In both cases the authors are shrouded in mystery. Kindle Editionpages. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Frances de Sales did, in small chunks with lots of meditation on each reading. I plan to re-read this again in the future.

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