Specifically, it would be great if the short date format for zh-cn and zh-tw were updated to: yy/mm/dd, e.g. 15/3/ Thanks, Leandro Reis. Language localisation is the process of adapting a product that has been previously translated . Chinese, zh-CN, Mainland China, simplified characters. zh-TW. Chinese (Taiwan), zh-tw. Croatian, hr. Czech, cs. Danish, da. Dutch (Belgium), nl- be. Dutch (Standard), nl. English, en. English (Australia), en-au. English (Belize) .

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At the end of zg phase, testing including quality assurance is performed to ensure that the product works properly and meets the client’s quality expectations. Have a look at what’s going onor search for something specific.

You need a combinattion of language and country code. Interpreter and Translators, Inc. There are multiple language tag systems available for language codification. Why you should look around SinceChinese-forums. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I’ll make this assumption.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Archived from the original on January 1, Posted October 24, Remove From My Forums. It must be kept in mind that a political entity such as a country is not the same as a language or culture; even in countries where there exists a substantially identical relationship between a language and a political entity, there are almost certainly multiple cultures and multiple minority languages even if the minority languages are spoken by transient populations.

List of supported locales in the GNU libc library. By continuing to browse sh site, you agree to this use. Globalisation is especially important in mitigating extra work involved in the long-term cycle of localisation.


Before deciding how to localise the website and the products offered in any given country, a professional in the area might advise the company to create an overall strategy: Specifically, I am working on a. The company might want to design a framework to codify and support this global strategy.

Because localisation is a cycle and not a one-time project, there will always be new texts, updates, and projects to localise.

Order of language versions and ISO codes multilingual texts “. And we’re friendly about it too.

For simplified you probably want zh-cn? Have you tried here: Actually the preferred standard now is zh-Hans for simplified and zh-Hant for traditional, with country codes tacked on at the end zh-Hans-CN e. For instance, different dialects of Germanwith different idiomsare spoken lsuort GermanyAustriaSwitzerlandand Belgium. Sign In Sign Up.

Language localisation – Wikipedia

So lshhort this case, which of all the language codes such as zh, cn, tw etc etc could I associated with Chinese Simplified? As far as I know, there is a CultureInfo class in. Now, suppose instead that this company has major offices in a dozen countries and needs a specifically designed website in each of these countries. The globalisation strategy and the globalisation framework would provide uniform guidance for the twelve separate localisation efforts.

CTAN: Package lshort-zh-cn

Suppose that a company operating exclusively in Germany chooses to open a major office in Russia and needs a Russian-language website. Though it is sometimes difficult to draw the limits between translation and localisation, in general localisation addresses significant, non-textual components of products or services.


There are two primary technical processes that comprise globalisation: Can anyone comment on why this distinction exists? Net framework which Provides information about a specific culture called a “locale” for unmanaged code development. I’m curious as to why. Associations Awards Organizations Schools.

The second phase, localisationrefers to the actual adaptation of the product for a specific market. Sign up for a new account in our community. Language codes are closely related to the localising process because they indicate the locales involved in the translation and adaptation of the product.

Our members can recommend beginner textbookshelp you out with obscure classical vocabularyand tell you where to get the best street food in Xi’an. Localisation can be referred to by the numeronym L10N as in: Seems to be only one for chinese not specificaly for simplified but I think it is for mainland chinese which is usually simplified.

Most frequently, there is a primary sub-code that identifies the language e. Register a new account.

Language localisation

Also discuss all the other Microsoft libraries that are built on or extend the. Part of a series on. This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Sign in Already have an account?

Glocalization Internationalization and localization Language localisation Game localization Dub localization.