The Manticore (Deptford Trilogy) [Robertson Davies, Michael Dirda] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hailed by the Washington Post Book. The Manticore [Robertson Davies] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fiction. Hailed by the Washington Post Book World as ‘a modern classic,’ Robertson Davies’s acclaimed Deptford Trilogy is a glittering, fantastical, cunningly contrived .

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And in this case, because we are interested in learning how David projects his own thoughts and feelings onto other people, the somewhat surreal quality of the other characters is not a problem but an advantage. Somehow, even though the entire first two-thirds of this book consists of a guy talking to his analyst, it still never felt anywhere near as heavy-handed as Steppenwolf did to me. We were first given an account of the small town of Deptford, and the players who would be the major cast of characters in the series, in Fifth Business under the guiding hand of Dunstan Ramsay.

May 18, Panagiotis rated it really liked it. Jan 08, Anna rated it really liked davis Shelves: There is, as Goethe puts it in Faust, an ‘untrodden, untreadable’ region whose precincts cannot and should savies be entered by force; a destiny which will brook no human intervention.

With that caveat in mind, however, I quite enjoy the Deptford trilogy robettson a vehicle for Jungian philosophy. Vintage Maanticore,p. After the Friend has been recognized and the resolution is complete, the next figure to emerge from the unconscious for a confrontation with the Ego is the Anima:.

It is interpreted to him briefly in terms of his undeveloped feeling and of his professional manner in court. Jul 11, BlackOxford rated it really liked it Shelves: But the bear-god, or some god, has claimed him, and he acknowledges his “death”: In this sense, Davies not only points his readers to a world of marvels and mysteries, he gives us one.

In part, such brief treatment may be due to the fact that there can be no guidelines for dealing with the Shadow, as Jung himself admitted: It traces the power one small act can have on generations of people – in this case a snowball thrown by a boy. Now we see things from a different angle: Why is this an apt way to end the book? The story takes a turn at the end and some of the wonder and mystery of Fifth Business gets added back in.


But there are heroes still. In a bookshop in the town he runs into Ramsay who is accompanied by “a woman who is very smartly and expensively dressed, but who is the nearest thing to an ogress I have ever beheld” p.


But Felix is not wholly explicable: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The focus was on a less interesting and less convincing character. Return to Book Page.

This time it appeared in the guise of psychoanalysis. In David’s life the Magus appears as his Oxford law tutor, Pargetter:.

On the narrative level these problems are allowed to become visible, but are left unprobed, and Dr. Indeed, places and locations are much less prominent in The Manticore than they were daviee Fifth Business. Was their heroism simply meant to raise a whole new crop of invalids?

The Manticore Reader’s Guide

As he seeks help through therapy, he encounters a wonderful cast of characters who help connect him to his past and the death of his father. The novels themselves, written with extraordinary wit, charm, and intelligence, are wonders to behold. But what form could her prayers be taking? The ironic treatment of this central symbol of the Manticore itself – even in combination with David’s confrontation with the “unordinary” in the midst of the ordinary in the Jung Institute – of David’s critical undercutting of Jungian theory, and of the anomalies of his analysis leaves the author’s ambivalent attitude very indirectly manifest.

Therefore I won’t even bother explaining what happens in this book. That is unless, you want to deter som Me: And it is because he is so powerfully affected that he gets so much out of the relationship: And while David’s sexual life is important to understanding him, it’s only one part of the puzzle. The Manticore begins by betraying us. That suggests that heroic measures appeal to you, and that you are not really afraid of them” p. Dunstan Ramsay, that incorrigible saint-chasing old man who provided the heart and soul and voice of Fifth Businessis no longer our narrator.


The Manticore (The Deptford Trilogy, #2) by Robertson Davies

The nearest comment to an assessment of David’s relationship with his father is Dr. He also returns the novel to its primary domain so that it serves its resident characters on the level of insight rather than sensation.

The cleverly presented autobiography of David Staunton.

We talk of him all the time. As a narrator, Ramsay had a way of coloring things with wonder – even when bad stuff was happening. But it was a fascinating story because a majority of it is the detailed Jungian analysis of one character.

The woman is a spell-binder, without seeming to exert much effort” p. His father has just been found dead, possibly murdered, and this is the last straw of the many pressures on his life. The artistic dimension of this bright cosmology added hues to my reading of the Manticore, the Persian beast.

Thinking runts, of course – oh, yes, thinking away as hard as a runt can without getting into danger. Staunton senior had been found in his car at the bottom of a harbor with a stone in his mouth — pink granite. This was worse – much worse – than Dr.

In this third section of the novel, then, Liesl brings to the surface the counter-theory to Jung which has been manifest up to this point only as an ironic undercurrent. The only pointers to its importance in the section are mmanticore it is the eponymous figure of the novel as a whole and that we are explicitly told that “the Unconscious chooses its symbolism with breath-taking artistic virtuosity” p.

Smart, bold, prose and wonderful, bigger than life characters.