Regarded as one of the most beautiful and important pieces of classical Persian literature, Mantiq al-Tayr or The Conference of the Birds is. This illustrated manuscript of Farid al-Din ‘Attar’s mystical poem Mantiq al-Tair ( Language of the Birds) is one of the most important illustrated manuscripts from. Calligrapher: Sultan `Ali Mashhadi (ca–). Author: Farid al-Din `Attar ( ca. –). Object Name: Illustrated manuscript. Date: ca. Geo.

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Judaism blended with Zionism is pretty similar to Islam blended with Wahhabism. How about your fellow soldiers?

And I honor you son. We would get rocketed three or four times a day. Had to wait for quite some days to have a glimpse of your most attractive blog. But mainly I tqyr just the enemy, the rocket attacks, the IEDs, the small arms fire.

Finally, only thirty birds make it to the abode of Simorgh.

File:Mantiq al-Tayr, The Language of the Birds, Farid al-Din Attar (detail of cover).jpg

That is to say, as detested temporary guests whose eventual planned expulsion is openly discussed. They eventually come to understand that the majesty of that Beloved is like the sun that can be seen reflected in a mirror. Mantiq al-Tayr mentions that the bird acted as a messenger between King Solomon and the queen.

Every aspect of my life is being affected. I have nominated your blog for the Sunshine Blogger Award. The full amount is due in February There is a pun in this. For other uses, see Conference of the Birds disambiguation. The work of art itself is in tayg public domain for the following reason: The event was hosted by the utterly completely yayr Mike Pence, who btw, the Mqntiq want to have replace Trump. Folio from an illustrated manuscript dated c. I was down with throat infection, fever and cold.


Did you know that: We stood on the flight line and we saluted his body wrapped in an American flag as he drove by. Those who txyr trapped within their own dogma, clinging to hardened beliefs or faith, are deprived of the journey toward the unfathomable Divine, which Attar calls the Great Ocean.

As Newsweek points out, he left out tons of other shit too. We are the birds in the story. The worst of the worst. As Russia-gate morphs into Israel-gate I would like to focus just a bit on Kushner-gate. In your mind Bryce after being there, what were you there 14, 15 months?

The Conference of the Birds – Wikipedia

It was a joy — inexpressible. And be as honest as you can Bryce about it. You know, my wife and I had the privilege of visiting Israel in andand we fulfilled a lifelong dream to bring all of our children to mantqi Holy Land in December of Yes, I think he probably needs a lot of help. You wanna help them out but at the same time these little kids are even [want] to throw rocks at Americans when they drive by.

One down, one to go — Mr. Not where they went, but somehow the photo seems appropriate. Later that month, and far more striking, President Trump became the first sitting president to visit the Kotel Hamaaravi — the Western Wall, a visit that resonated throughout the Middle East.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Merry Christmas Posted on December 25, 3 comments. Red highlighting is done by our guest editor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whom I have also just starting following on twitter. When I was over there the consensus was to kind of put the politics out of your mind because you had your friend to your left ql right and yourself to look after. It was really really tough to distinguish friend from foe over there.


It was in China, late one moonless night, The Simorgh first appeared to mortal sight — Beside the symbolic use of the Simorgh, the allusion to China is also very significant. The sight of them scurrying off sent a wave of euphoria through the crew.

Also go here for another post from a while back about the heroes on that ship. Similarly, when the peacock confesses its obsession, the following conversation occurs: View all posts by Tulika Bahadur.

Views Read Edit View history. Turn to what truly lives, reject what seems — Which matters more, the body or the soul? The home we seek is in eternity; The Truth we taye is like a shoreless sea, Of which your paradise is but a drop.

In many places such access does not only require a background investigation, it also requires passing at the very least a counterintelligence polygraph examination. But Kushner just needs hundreds of millions of dollars from foreigners. Trump ordered a limo through Uber and once they were all inside the two bid them farewell and walked manfiq into the cool night autumn air in the direction of a good DC shisha bar.

Wow, thank Hashem I remembered that one. Part 3 is followed by one of her songs from youtube. One by one, they present excuses to not travel on the arduous Way.